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    • Absolutely brilliant win, BW caught out by shenanigans again, I will change the threat title to eflect your win, and if you can a donation would be most welcome to help keep CAG up and running.
    • Quick update: On PPP, I've been advised to post this at their address, what are your thoughts about it? Just asking for a second opinion, as I have no knowledge of these kind of laws.   "Dear Sirs, I have received your Notice to Keeper xxxxx for vehicle VRM xxxx You have failed to comply with the requirements of Schedule 4 of The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 namely, but not limited to, failing to give notice of keeper liability as prescribed by section 9 (2) (f) of the Act. You cannot, therefore, transfer liability for the alleged charge from the driver at the time to me, the keeper. There is no legal requirement to name the driver at the time and I will not be doing so. I do not expect to hear from you again, or your debt collectors, except to confirm that no further action will be taken on this matter and my personal details have been removed from your records. Yours etc"
    • just got out of the virtual court, lasted over an hr!   So bwlegals rep tried to disregard my witness statement because they didn't receive it until the 4th August,  Judge  asked me when it was posted, told him 15th, he asked why it wasn't posted before that to ensure it go to the solicitors on time, basically told him I am defending myself, im not a solicitor and to put my defense together takes time and i only relieved bwlegals response on the 14th , and I did email the court on the 15th once I had completed it.. Judge was happy with response 1-0 to me   Then the solicitor went on a spree about all the appendices... images etc and to disregard the 3 hr  images and use the new witness statement, I asked to speak and pretty much nailed it with lookinforinfo's response   Solicitor asked me whether I agree that the parking is 2 hrs or not, i said in July 2019 I would have said no, its 3 hrs like the rest of the retail park. He asked did you read the signage, I said no.. i have parked in the retail park all the time and its been 3 hrs, i referred them to the website which states puregym is part of castle marina retail and it states 3hrs, solicitor gave some bs and asked to disregard that as its third party..    Then the judge had his final say.. and to be honest it felt like being in the apprentice board room.. one minute i'm like crap this isn't looking good, then its like.. oh this looks good.. then its like oh crap i've lost... summing up Judge said the images provided by the claimant provide no help whatsoever, you can't even read the images.. The 3 hr parking image is legit, if you look at it closely it is  a proper sign and not a dummy image like BWlegal were claiming (tbh i didnt notice that) There are no images of the car park signage on the date of the overstay.. so claim failed!!   I WIN !   Well i should say we win, I could not have done this without you guys huge thanks for everyone who helped   and i'll make a donation to this site to help others  
    • I have an online shop and have been sending small items via them for years.   Last week I have an email saying one item was over weight and there is a fee plus admin fee to pay, never had this before and asked for evidence etc but they won't supply and want me to send proof it wasn't or they will reserve the right to send debt collectors after this amount (under £5) !!! which is laughable.   Just sent this reply to them and will update what response I get:   " Thank you for the email, it contents have been noted. As I have stated all along I require evidence that the parcel I sent was over weight, this would be a photograph of the parcel showing the weight on the scales it was weighed on with the name and address showing dated the day it was flagged up by your system. If you cannot produce this within 14 days I will consider this matter closed, if you can supply this I will process the payment within 28 working days. When I have had to claim of you for damaging or losing parcels I have sent through your company, I have to prove what has happened by photograph and signed forms from my customers before you will even consider paying out. I have sent hundred of parcels through your company in the past and have never had this problem before and this is why I am asking for proof, and to state you will reserve the right to send debt collectors after me for under £5 is frankly laughable. I await your response."   At the moment I have a damage claim going through for a little over the amount they want I wonder if they will try and not pay that one out?
    • Just a side outside the box thought, Is it possible the Council have designated the property in their systems a short term emergency dwelling like a homeless hostel similar to placing a family in B&B so the tenants do not have a proper Tenancy Agreement.  have seen shenanigans like that with Councils.  Its just an off the wall though but a possibility.
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