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    • @FTMDave  -  Simeon's had a go at incorporating the attachments at #100 (I think?) but I think what he's done needs tidying up.  But as you say that's just an admin/clerical task and all simeon needs to do is to ensure that it all hangs together and makes sense.  Doesn't require specialist knowledge.   I agree with your comment regarding my paras 13 and 14.  You've made it clearer than I did!   I've also advised simeon to incorporate the report he got from the surveyor.  (Was it Hale Survey Limited?)  Let's see how he got on.   Oh - I also introbuced an error in my draft.  I had simeon down as paying the piling company £3300 but it was only £3000 (I think).  Simeon needs to check that the correct figure is in.  (Simeon had corrected my error* in #100.  I think you may have missed that because you've got a day job to do!)   Oh - and of course simeon needs to ensure that he has taken account of the corrections you have made to the claimant/defendant terminology.   Apart from the above and the interest, I'm not sure if anything else is required.  It's up to simeon now...    *I think the only thing simeon changed in #100 from my earlier draft was the piling bill from £3300 to £3000, and he attempted to add the attachments.  It might have been better - and less confusing for you! - if he'd left that until you'd completed your amendments.  Ah well...
    • We don't need the claim form, they are standard so we know what they look like.   We needs (a) the fleecers' particulars of claim verbatim with the amounts they are claiming, and (b) the date of the claim so we know the deadline for getting your defence in.
    • I see simeon  has several quotes for remedial work and also a report on some of the damage.  They need to be given exhibit/attachment numbers and linked to (16) and (17).  That is simple clerical work, you don't need any legal knowledge to do so.   Obviously the piling receipt has to be linked to (10).   As MiE has pointed out, the total needs to go in (18) and personally I would include the four sub-totals in (18 a b c d).  After all, the court did ask for a properly itemised counterclaim.   If simeon can do the above tomorrow we can then add Andyorch's point about interest at the end.
    • Hi, I’m really scared and nervous to write here, as I’ve never done anything like this before.    I had a telephone DWP compliance interview the other week, when I had the letter I thought I’d been called up at random as I couldn’t think what I’d done wrong.  In 2016 I started an open uni course part time as I was working, however a few months later I suddenly became unwell and was off work a year before finally becoming dismissed. I had to claim ESA while I was still employed as I hadn’t paid enough tax. My mum helped me make the ESA claim over the phone and one of the questions was ‘are you in full time education’ which I replied no to, but we said I had as at the OU part time.  I had to attends job centre visits and told them again about my open uni course, and every year I phoned up for a letter to confirm my ESA for my student fee loan and a part time grant.  The compliance officer is investigating me because I hadn’t declared my studying even though he had it down that I said I was with them. So I’ve had to send in all my information on my student grant which is £1155 a year.  I’m terrified of what is going to happen because I’m sure they had everything down about it all. I’m still claiming ESA for my illness and I’m in the support group, and I’m upset because I’m sure everything was down.  I just wondered if anyone knows what’s going to happen to me.    Best wishes 
    • OK, I've sorted out using the correct terminology to refer to the parties.   The original document was absurdly long and filled with waffle. I reduced it. Then MiE did so further – twice. I've continued on the theme and have merged (13) & (14) as I don't think we need to go into detail of why a £2000 payment because £1500, it'd just confuse the judge.  Feel free to disagree!   I've sorted out the new numbering and references to paragraph numbers.   IMO (16) needs beefing up to explain why the builder disappeared, but simeon seems to not want to explain this properly, so so be it.   Apart from that it looks about ready to go.   Counterclaim   1.      The original Claimant agreed to undertake building work (Project 1) at the original Defendant/now Part 20 Counterclaimant’s property in relation to 3 specific areas of work for an agreed price of £4300.  The work was:   a. To underpin the bay window at the property, b. To replace and repair a previously-removed chimney breast and, c. To install a new beam to the patio door.   2.      It was agreed that Project 1 was to be carried out under the instructions of a structural engineer engaged by the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant and that the Claimant’s work would be as a result of instructions received following the structural engineer's assessment of the property.   3.      Between June and July in 2020 the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant provided the Claimant with a full copy of the structural engineer's report which detailed instructions to the Claimant for the works to be carried out.   4.      It was agreed between the parties that the works would commence on 13 August 2020.   5.      It was agreed between the parties that payments for Project 1 would be made in three instalments. The first payment would be made at the start of the Claimant's work. The second payment would be paid at the halfway point of the Claimant's work. The final payment would be made on completion of the total works.   6.      The Claimant commenced work on 13 August 2020 and the first instalment due was paid.     7.      On 24 August 2020 the Claimant asked the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant to arrange an inspection of his work by the Building Control Inspector.  The Claimant also stated that Project 1 was approaching mid-way and the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant paid the second instalment due.   8.      The Building Inspector arrived to inspect the Claimant’s work but the Claimant was absent.  The inspector was obviously very displeased by the standard of the Claimant's work.  The inspector spoke to the Claimant by telephone, asking him why he was absent and interrogating him about the work he had done.  The inspector then gave him some instructions over the telephone and also left a list of instructions with the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant to be passed on to the builder.  The building inspector then said he would be getting in touch with the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant’s structural engineer with his findings and the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant should hear from the engineer soon.   9.      The Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant passed on the Building Inspector’s instructions to the Claimant who agreed to follow them.   10.  The structural engineer visited and recommended piling to complete the underpinning for Project 1.  The Claimant explained that he could not undertake this work. The structural engineer then suggested an alternative company to the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant to do the necessary work and this company was engaged by the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant to complete the necessary piling at an additional cost to the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant of £3300. (See receipt at Attachment1).   11.  The Claimant asked if the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant needed any more work to be done and, despite the problems encountered on Project 1, the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant agreed on 7 September 2020 to have more work done (Project 2) at an agreed price of £2580 and on similar payment terms to Project 1.   12.  As work commenced on Project 2 and was continued on the remaining work for Project 1, the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant had occasion to make several complaints to the Claimant regarding the standard of his work.   13.   Barely a week after starting on Project 2, the Claimant demanded payment for that work.  After a period of negotiation the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant paid the Claimant  £1500 in cash.  Both parties agreed that this left a balance outstanding on Project 2 of £1080.   14.  It later came to the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant’s attention that the Claimant had removed material (including a steel beam) from the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant’s property that the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant suspects either belonged to him or had been paid for by him in connection with Project 1.  When challenged the Claimant admitted he had done this.  The Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant has included the value of this material in his counterclaim detailed below.   15.    On 21 September 2020 the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant highlighted and sent a snagging list to the Claimant (Attachment 2).  Over a month later the Claimant sent an employee to attend to this work.  It was not carried out satisfactorily and resulted in an updated snagging list being sent to the claimant (Attachment 3).  All of this snagging work remains undone by the Claimant.   16.  Apart from the outstanding snagging work referred to in para 16 above, the Claimant also left other work from Projects 1 and 2 uncompleted.  That work which was not completed is listed at Attachment 4.   17.  During the course of carrying out work on Projects 1 and 2 the Claimant also negligently caused substantial damage to the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant’s property (as itemised in Attachment 5) by not executing the work with the skill expected of a reasonable tradesman.   18.  The Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant seeks an order from the court directing the Claimant to pay to the Defendant/Part 20 Counterclaimant the sum of £nnnnnnn {Simeon - put in the actual total amount here) in respect of:   (a)   the cost of the piling referred to in para 10 above which the Claimant could not undertake and another contractor had to be paid to complete; (b)   the cost of completing work the Claimant had left undone from Projects 1 and 2 referred to in para 16 above; (c)   the cost of remedial work to put right the damage negligently caused by the Claimant and referred to in para 17 above; and (d)    the cost of the steel beam referred to in para 14 above.   A receipt in respect of item (a) - see Attachment 1 - and two priced quotes in respect of items (b) and (c) - see Attachments 6 and 7 - are attached in support of this counterclaim.
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Wickes bathroom complaint - appalling customer service!

Little Willow

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This is the official complaint we have sent to Wickes: 


As a Wickes bathroom customer, I feel I have been left with no choice but to make an official complaint in writing. As this has all taken place over a year, I am not certain of the order of events or all of the dates as it has been such a long time and so much has happened.


My wife and I received a quote for a new bathroom at your Scunthorpe store, on the 27th of February 2020. On the 6th of March 2020, we returned to the store to order the bathroom. (Order Number 673181.) As it turned out, the vanity unit we had chosen and ensured would fit in our very small bathroom was no longer available. So with the help of the bathroom designer we chose another option that was our second choice, which also turned out to be unavailable. We finally settled on a third choice but found it frustrating that so many items from your already somewhat limited choice were unavailable. This proved to be the first of many issues.


The Covid-19 pandemic obviously put a hold on things and so it wasn't until October 2020 that the fitter convinced us to get the bathroom installed, with the promise that Covid-19 safety would be a high priority. I am vulnerable due to health issues, so this was a very important factor for us. The fitter promised that sticky backed plastic would be used to protect our carpets and that everything would be disinfected each day to ensure that we would feel safe.


A delivery date was arranged for the Saturday before the Monday commencement of installation date. However, one of the things we had ordered was some shower wall / mermaid board, and this turned up completely unexpectedly a few days early. Only my wife was at home at the time and the driver informed her he was unable to bring it into the house, so he left it propped up against an external wall of our house. My wife was completely unable to move the heavy and cumbersome boards, and I could not get home from work so they had to remain outside until I could get hold of the fitter to bring them into our house. It is fortunate they were not stolen or damaged. There was nowhere to put the boards other than in our narrow hall, and we certainly couldn't keep them laid flat as the packaging said they must be.


On the Saturday we took delivery of the other bathroom components and the fitter came to check everything was there that should be. It was immediately apparent that several important items were missing. Both the drawers and basin were missing from the vanity unit, there was a toilet pan but no cistern and there was a shower cubicle but no shower tray. When the fitter contacted Wickes we found out that both the toilet and the vanity we had chosen were no longer available (Even though we had received part of both items) and the shower tray would not arrive for at least a month. Wickes could give us no indication as to when they might be able to deliver a different toilet and vanity unit and we later found out that the only new design of vanity we liked would have been to big although the design expert failed to notice this.


This left us with a selection of large items taking up space in our house, no idea when and if the missing items would turn up and the reality that getting another installation slot would likely mean a long wait. The installer encouraged us to search on-line for a vanity, toilet and shower tray from elsewhere so that we could still have our bathroom fitted during the installation date we had booked. It was hugely stressful trying to find items that we liked, would fit, and could be delivered quickly enough.


We requested a refund for the unavailable items, but were told we would have to wait until the partial items were collected from our house. Even after they were collected, I still ended up having to phone and visit the store several times before the refund was finally forthcoming.


Once we had managed to get the missing items delivered from elsewhere in a timely manner, the installation began. The fitter used old dirty dust sheets instead of the sticky backed plastic he had promised and no effort was made to clean anything at the end of each day, meaning my wife had to disinfect all door handles, banisters and other surfaces every day after they had left. The dust sheets were completely useless so the hallway, stairs and landing all had to be vacuumed every day as well.


There were several problems during the installation, including toilet cistern lid being broken (which the fitter admitted was his fault), and later a large crack found in the toilet pan which the fitter claimed to be unaware of; the shower-wall having to be re-glued to the walls as the first time it came unstuck (perhaps due to having been left propped up for too long); and the bathroom door almost being fitted to open the wrong way. The fitter had already made a cut-out in the door frame for the top hinge before we pointed this out, (even though the design plan showed the correct orientation) but it was me who had to repair the damage to the door frame.


There were a number of issues with the bathroom when it was finally finished. The toilet cistern had not been screwed to the wall which could potentially have caused a leak as the overflow is above the level of the screw holes and also meant the cistern wasn't entirely secure; there was a large, unsightly gap down one edge of the shower-wall trim which was very noticeable as you walked into the bathroom; the end of the new window ledge was very rough and not straight; part of the top edge trim on the shower enclosure was not fitted; there are several noticeable imperfections in the plastering where the screws in the plasterboard have caused the plaster to 'pop off', the repairs were not very tidy; the fitter said the Wickes door handles and lock we had picked for the Wickes purchased bathroom door were the wrong sort and that he would have to come back at a later date once we had found some different ones. However, it turned out he had failed to take into account the location of the 'lock block' when cutting the doors to size. Never the less, I still managed to fit the original handles we had chosen to the door myself; my wife went out to purchase a metal threshold (Wickes didn't have any in stock) after the fitter asked us to get one in the last days of the installation, however when he left we found it had not been fitted and I had to trim down the edge of the floor before I could fit it myself; we had requested a new door frame (which also would mean replacing the door frame to a bedroom – hence the 2 new doors that were fitted), however, the fitter said that changing the door frames would cause severe damage to the plastering on our landing so he instead offered to replace the architrave inside the bathroom and improve the look of the architrave on the outside where the previous homeowner had done a botched job. The finished result of this outer repair actually looked even worse than the original; the splashback for the sink was far from perfect, with excessive silicone and the trim untidily cut, leaving it looking unsightly, with scratches and the likelihood that water will end up leaking down under it; the cupboard we asked to be built and installed was sturdy but untidy with very noticeable screw indents on the outside wall and very rough surfaces to the shelves; we also found several very visible scratches in the flooring, which we didn't get from Wickes as the installer told us to get a specific brand from a particular shop instead. After all of this, we received a handwritten invoice from the installer which included a £180 fee for waste disposal (even though we had been lead to believe that removal of waste from the job was included in the price) and that the two doors which had been removed and replaced had been left behind.


We did receive a small refund after someone contacted us about our obviously negative Trust Pilot review.


We were understandably disappointed with the entire experience and end result, but this turned out not to be then end of it. Within a matter of a few weeks, the shower started to leak around the edges of the tray. We contacted Wickes about this and after several phone calls and waiting for a slot, they eventually sent a different fitter round to fix the leak. (We specifically asked for someone different as by this point we had lost all trust in the original installer.) He replaced the silicone in the shower but warned us that if it leaked again we may need the whole shower cubicle removing and reinstalling. The leak stopped for a few months, but ultimately it started again, and this time it was a far more significant leak. We had also noticed that the extractor fan was making a strange noise and did not appear to be venting steam outside. I contacted Wickes again, and we had to wait several weeks for someone to come again. During the time we were waiting, the only thing Wickes suggested was putting flannels around the edge of the tray to minimise the water leakage.


The new gentleman who eventually came informed us that we would indeed be needing a full reinstall of the shower as it has been fitted incorrectly. He took numerous photos and also told us the extractor had been fitted in the wrong place and was probably trying to vent into the cavity wall. He then made a temporary fix of the shower with new silicone, which he did a very good job of.


With the Covid-19 numbers being very high, we opted to wait a while before having the shower removed and reinstalled. But when we tried to arrange for this to be done, it was extremely difficult to get anything arranged. It took repeated phone calls to the store and customer services to finally get a date booked in. We received a date for delivery of a new shower cubicle, shower drain and mermaid board, and once again the mermaid board showed up early and unexpectedly, though at least this time it was brought inside by the delivery driver. When it came to the actual delivery date, a few days before we were booked in for the re-install, only the shower drain arrived. After again contacting Wickes we eventually got another delivery date, but this time only half the shower cubicle arrived. I made more phone calls and we waited again, but of course, by the time the other half of the shower cubicle arrived, we had missed our re-installation slot. I will also point out that both times the shower cubicle boxes arrived; they were left in our hallway, propped up against the Mermaid board, which caused a fire safety issue as our hall is very narrow. The delivery drivers informed my wife not try to move the boxes as they were much too heavy, but on both occasions we carefully slid the boxes from the hall into our dining room as I was not prepared to put up with a fire hazard.


This was in August this year. Since then I have made repeated phone calls to the store, to customer services and other numbers I have been given. Almost every time I have been promised a return phone call it has not happened and on those rare occasions when we did get a call from the installation team, it came from an unlisted number, so we were never able to directly contact them ourselves but had to contact the store or customer services again, to get a message through. I even spoke directly to the regional manager, who did call me back on one occasion with a potential date for the work, but that was the last we heard and that date passed with no further calls. Now, after about ten weeks, we still have mermaid board and the two parts of the shower cubicle taking up space in our home. They are too heavy for my wife and I to move them upstairs and even if we could, ten weeks is an absurd amount of time for us to still be storing these items. We still have no sign of the job actually being sorted and it is now winter, when the risks of Covid-19 are much higher and having windows open for safety would result in us having to turn the heating off and suffer to avoid horrendous gas bills.


This whole experience has been a complete and utter disaster. I have no idea how much it has cost me in phone calls that have not been returned and my wife's health has badly suffered due to stress adding to her anxiety and depression.


Quite frankly, I feel like asking for a full refund (including the things that Wickes couldn't supply and we had to get elsewhere, paint and re-plastering) and having the whole bathroom ripped out and getting some actual professionals to do the job. With all the problems I am wondering if there are other things that have been fitted incorrectly and what unknown damage could be caused to our house by these issues. As it is, the bathroom flooring already has gaps between some of the laminate boards, bowing in various places either due to water damage or the sinking shower tray, and some areas that show signs of water marks.


I certainly would not recommend Wickes to anyone and am actively considering telling friends to avoid using Wickes.


We did not want to be put in this position but I cannot overstate how awful our experience of Wickes has been. There is a complete lack of customer care and it really feels like they are hoping that if they keep not bothering to call me back we will eventually give up and just put up with all the problems. Obviously, this is unacceptable, and so I felt making an official complaint was the only way forward.

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Suggest that you need to work out a loss value that Wickes have caused you and look to take them to Court if necessary.


You could ask for a full refund, but really you should look at 1)cost of work that needs to be completed to obtain the bathroom that Wickes originally promised, 2) additional costs you have incurred due to the many problems with the installation.


It is worth asking a reputable independent bathroom installation company to inspect your bathroom and to provide a report detailing the current state of the bathroom, plus how much it would cost to complete the work required.


Then armed with the information, contact Wickes head office looking to resolve without taking them to Court, but ensuring they understand you will issue the Court claim against if this was required.



We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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First of all I hope you understand that we are very much on your side in this.

However it seems to me that you haven't particularly come here to ask for help – you have come here simply to try and do a hatchet job on Wickes and I suppose that you are putting up this review elsewhere on the Internet.


I'm sorry to say that it won't make a blind bit of difference to Wickes or anybody else. You have written so much here that it's really difficult for anyone to have the patience to go through it all – and also when you first posted it was in a tiny font which I have now enlarged to give people a chance.

The only way to make an impact on Wickes is to attack them with a claim of some sort and this is what we do here.

If you want help then I suggest that you start a new thread and explain your issue briefly in a way which is kind to the people who want to help you and then hopefully we will assist you in finding an approach that may have some effect on Wickes but which will certainly sort your issue out for you.

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