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Energie Fitness / Harlands Question

Cardiff Devil

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Morning all.  


I had a gym membership with Energie Fitness over the summer, with the DDs being collected by Harlands on behalf of EF.


No issues with the gym itself, but my work circumstances have changed and I'm now no longer in a position to use it often enough to justify the monthly expense.


My membership was a non-contract rolling 1 month subscription at £19.99 p/m.  I tried to cancel via the members portal on the Energie website but wasn't able to do so.  Couldn't get hold of anyone on the phone and Harlands weren't any help so I sent EF an email via the email contact form on the website.  Once I'd sent this I cancelled the DD with the bank.


I since had an email from EF confirming they'd received my request for cancellation, but claiming that I need to give them 30 days notice and pay for the final month as per the T&Cs.  I've checked and they are there, albeit buried away in the small print but my thoughts are I don't have an actual contract with them.  Surely they can't demand 30 days notice on a 1 month rolling membership?  If I was to cancel Netflix I'd just have access to it until the current month was used up, then it'd lock me out.


I've since had an email from Harlands stating that I shouldn't have cancelled the DD without speaking to them first.  And they've now added a £20 admin fee, plus still saying I need to pay £19.99 for the final month.  


My response was that I haven't used the gym in 2 months due to my change in circumstances, and they took another £19.99 payment off me while I was in the process of trying to cancel so they've had their final month's payment as far as I'm concerned, and I'm not paying any penalty fees so they can shove that one.  


I've had a read around some similar threads and it seems like they are pretty powerless and unlikely to take court action, but I just wanted to double check that I'd covered off all my bases as well as possible?


Thanks in advance


Please note;


I am not a legally qualified solicitor and all my advice is based on my past experiences in the relevant field. Although my advice will always be sincere, it should be used as guidance only.

I would always recommend to seek professional advice for clarification prior to taking any action.

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You pay one months fee and NOTHING ELSE.


There is never any chance of legal action where these are concerned, if you are confident you have given them 30 days notice and paid the last monthly fee then you owe nothing further,

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Hi CD,


We always suggest you give them 30 days notice, pay 1 final fee by DD and then cancel the DD Mandate via your bank.


If you did this already, fine.


If not, reply to Harlands saying you'll pay the final fee but not their admin fee of £20. Tell them you need their written confirmation that they will cancel any admin fee and accept the £19.99 fee in F&F Settlement.


Give them 14 days to accept your offer or it'll be withdrawn.


Let us know how/if they reply.

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