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E10 Petrol and the consumption in general is rubbish....


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Hi  guys / gals,


Is there a thread regarding E10 petrol and the scandal in my opinion which is forcing people towards electric cars?


This petrol is expensive and has driven my consumption down by 40 miles a week.


Never mind insulate Britain, we all need to start sitting on roads, to stop this ridiculous situation.







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If its any help I'm sure people in electric cars are cursing the rise in electric prices as well 


Apparently the average is 3.3 miles per kilowatt so with prices at 30p per kwh that's just under 10p a mile


Fortunately I'm on a very generous fixed price deal for the next 6 months so I'm charging at 6p per kwh overnight... 

Please note:


  • I am employed in the IT sector of a high street retail chain but am not posting in any official capacity,so therefore any comments,suggestions or opinions are expressly personal ones and should not be viewed as an endorsement or with agreement of any company.
  • i am not legal trained in any form.
  • I have many experiences in life and do often use these in my posts

if ive been helpful kick my scales, if ive been unhelpful kick the scales of the person more helpful :eek:

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Why are electric cars so expensive ?


Are they built with more technology than is necessary ?


Why is it not possible to build an electric car that costs say £15000 to purchase ?  Battery packs could be rented on a subscription basis, with replacement provided after a relevant period.


I am sure that Governments working with manufacturers could come up with ranges of affordable electric vehicles and all of the infrastructure required to support them within 10 years, if they really wanted to.  If they can find over £40 billion for covid test and trace, £100 billion for HS2 etc, there is no reason UK Government could not make the UK a leader in electric vehicles.






We could do with some help from you.



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use old tech


A small car 2 door corsa/fiesta size with a small engine and smaller even traditional lorry battery multiples as a cheaper option than large capacity modern batteries

No reason they should cost more than 15k as far as i can see.


my ford 1.6 diesel does 70 mpg plus on a steady run, and on flat roads will do over 80 MPG @ a steady 65mph. If it didnt have the accelerate/decelerate loads it does do more - confirmed with an app that connects to the eMU

Imagine a hybrid with that sort of engine but @ about 750cc running JUST as a steady generator feeding those batteries. Even with conversion losses they should return about 75mpg average - a lot more than is common, No fabulous high tech needed apart from the quite run of the mill now electric motors


No as good/efficient/'environmentally friendly' (questionable as lithium and cobalt is monstrous stuff) as aTesla or 50k big name hybrid/electric - but a true car for the masses and VASTLY better than current good petrol or GOOD diesels (as an eco/cheap run-around that can do the holiday run)

- especially if the engine ran on hydrogen gas with the ability to use propane in a pinch.


Big Oil would always block it though ... profits would collapse. We would also need the clean green nuclear, solar wind an wave power stations which we need anyway

Should have been well on the implementation path a decade ago.

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