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Impersonation issue

HP Mum

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Received a letter from Royal Mail which concerned me enough to call them.

Turns out someone called them several times impersonating me trying to ascertain redirection address.

I sent in a SAR cos I wanted to know the details of who was impersonating me, what was said and what number they called from.

RM is refusing to give the transcript/ recordings of the calls - because they say the calls were made by a 3rd party and not me.  Even though that 3rd party was pretending to be me.

How do I argue this?

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 Why bother, if they were impersonating you they hardly gave their real name over? 

 That aside data protection means they cant send you anything as you've already Said it wasn't you. 

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I understand your thoughts - but they said they were me, they were discussing my account and everything to do with me. 

I have a good enough idea who it may have been so I wish to try ascertain exactly who it was ie was a phone number visible.

Their actions are connected to an ongoing legal situation - this kind of tactic will not look good for them in court.

Also - a different employee within RM advised separately that the impersonator was discussing my data and I had a legal right to that information.

I reported it to police and got a CRN

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Ask the information commissioners office (ICO) about this.


Can the ICO find out the information from Royal Mail as part of an investigation ?

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