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Samsung Heatpump Dryer broke again


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Evening all, 

Another story of woe for a domestic Samsung appliance. 


We bought a Samsung Heatpump Dryer in January 2019 it broke about 6 months latter and they fixed it. Now its broken again child lock won't disengage as the touch buttons are now none functional so we have a 50kg £700 paperweight. 


I contacted Samsung thinking it had 5 years warranty turns out it had 2. They directed me to Martin Dawes as they provide very economical repairs.


So back to Currys I have messaged them requesting that they come and fix it as a £700 machine should last longer than 2years 10months. I hope that Currys will do the right thing (sorry trying not to laugh there) but if they don't does it matter who I get to look at the machine for a report? 


The machine is a SAMSUNG - DV90M50003X/EU.


Thanks in advance





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Interestingly I have found the part but this is not my job to fix it. 






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I bet the tracks have cracked. The dryer is actually in the laundry on a countertop so damage is very unlikely as the panel is 6ft off the ground. 

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At the risk of offending another one of our Caggers, which I seem to have done a bit of recently, you've been here since 2006. You made over 1000 posts and you still don't seem to understand that the warranty is meaningless and that your statutory rights are everything.

It makes me feel a bit tired when I realise how much time we spend here helping people free of charge and even the old-timers for some reason rather still don't seem to get it.

Also I'm gobsmacked that you think that after two years, Currys will do the right thing. Bless!

If you try to fit the part yourself and then you stand a good chance of losing even your statutory rights because I'm not aware that there has been any right to repair enacted so far – and even if such a right is enacted, I don't see how they are going to reconcile a consumer's right to repair with their statutory right to oblige the retailer to repair if an item is not of satisfactory quality.

Have you come up with a costing for the entire supply of the part and repair? (And by the way you should not supply the part yourself. It should be supplied and fitted by the same company – although it really is Currys responsibility)

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Curry's maybe miracles do happen? No seriously though no I don't expect anything from them at all. I only contacted them so I can show that I have given them the opportunity to do the right thing we know it means nothing.


100% Warranty is meaningless apart from it takes less of my precious time to get the thing sorted maybe in a parallel universe Curry's fix everything for 6 years the way they should with a simple call.


I have never actually got a report done on a appliance that's why I asked if it matters who does it.


Very oddly the damn thing has started working again, buttons now functioning. So something is up.


As always thank you for your advice.





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I'm pleased that it has started working again.

If a similar thing starts happening again, then your first port of call is the retailer – always the retailer. The retailer – especially people like Currys will immediately try to fob you off with a warranty and also tell you that you have to contact the manufacturer.

This is simply passing the buck and they don't expect to hear from you again. However you should go against Currys. They have got a legal department which I think is called D & G which specialises in simply trying to protect Currys from having to honour their customers consumer rights.
As usual – and as with Hermes, for instance, they will exploit the cheap under resourced tax payer funded County Court system to place obstacles in your way and to force you to issue proceedings and when they realise that you are going to go the distance, they generally put their hands up.

However, by making it difficult for you they will have completely discouraged hundreds of other of their customers so even though it costs them much more than your claim is worth to defend against you and finally put their hands up, the bottom line is that they are quids in.

As far as I can make out, the only advantage a warranty might be that it is transferable to another owner – although you would have to check up the terms of the warranty. Also a warranty might cover you for accidental damage whereas your statutory rights certainly won't.

Other than that, the warranty simply serves to distract your attention from your statutory rights and to encourage a culture amongst consumers that if you have no warranty, you have no redress.

It's a nasty little scam that is practised by most retailers of white goods - and motorcars

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Most people simply walk away by new one because they are fed the story about the item being warranty and the particular defect not covered or else the warranty has expired – and those people swallow the story hook line and sinker.

Most people who come here know better

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