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Islington Keep issuing Traffic offence in error

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Hi Everyone, 

Living in Solihull, I was quite shocked to receive a PCN from Islington for an offence that I didn't commit. 


The offence involved a vehicle turning left into a 'No Left Turn' road. Now the offence has been caught by camera and on close inspection, the registration number of the vehicle resembles mine but differs by 1 letter! that letter happens to be a the letter 'H'. The camera or the idiot reading the picture has put the letter 'H' down as an 'M' and so this automatically brings my vehicle particulars on the database. 


The offender is persistent and has been committing this offence since last December and I have disputed the contravention seven times now. Each time I call,  Islington input the registration on the contravention and realise that the vehicle does not match the registration number.


I have successfully had all the PCNs cancelled so far, but frankly whenever I try to get the situation resolved from the root cause, Islington council don't have a clue. I just want them to read his registration number correctly so i can stop receiving someone else's PCNs. 


I have just received another one today! 


I have in the past escalated this to the complaints department and the only closure that I got was that the previous PCNs have all been cancelled. 


Is there anything I can do to bring an end to this?


Any help would be appreciated. 







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You need to pursue this to the next stage of  Islington's complaints procedure because your Stage 1 complaint has not stopped maladministration by the council.


Islington has a two stage complaints procedure.



Find out more about the complaints process at Islington Council)



It seems to me you are now at the Chief Executive's Complaint stage.  Cancelling previous PCNs  is not a resolution of your complaint if the same error is continuing and you are receiving more PCNs. It is costing you time and money to resolve these every time a new PCN is received and this is stressful for you. You are suffering an injustice because of repeated faults by Islington council. The council's parking department is failing to check the registration number of vehicles accurately, failing to ensure the vehicle make model and colour recorded by DVLA for your vehicle corresponds with the details of the actual offending vehicle (*), and after having been alerted by you of the errors have taken no steps to prevent them happening again . (Get the words 'maladministration', 'error'', 'fault' and  'injustice' into your complaint.)


(*). I am assuming that your vehicle's make/model/colour is different from those of the vehicle in the PCN documents.


If that fails to get things sorted you can take it further to the Local Government Om.budsman [LGO]. Have a look at the LGO site now to see how that works. You won't be able to take it direct to the LGO yet as generally the LGO requires you to have exhausted the council's own complaints procedure first (unless after 12 weeks the council have still not responded to your complaint)


Home - Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman


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