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Industrial Tribunal query, submission related

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A fortnight ago, I was at Industrial Tribunal for a few days. It ended with the judge giving both parties until last Friday to submit their final submissions. I sent mine in late on the Thursday night, believing that was the end of the matter.


At 1655 on the Friday, I got an email from the Respondents with their submissions, and reminding me I hadn't supplied mine. I replied that I had submitted mine to the judge much earlier in the day. They stated I should have forwarded a copy to them.


I still have not sent them a copy, waiting for confirmation on Monday, from either Labour relations or the Tribunal office themselves, that I am required to give the Respondents a copy as well. I can't see how they require a copy at this stage, and believe they are bluffing.


Can anyone confirm correct procedure. I should say, I represented myself.

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It would be usual to “file, & serve”

file copy to the court

serve a copy to the other party.


it depends on what the judge’s directions were though.

However, the days of Perry Mason / “ambush tactics” have gone : what do you have to gain by not serving them a copy?

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I agree with Bazza. Not giving them a copy just creates delays. What did your instructions from the court say?


I think you may also mean "Employment Tribunal" and "ACAS" instead of "Industrial Tribunal" and "Labour Relations"?  It may be that the processes have changed since these terms were in use.

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To be honest, I haven't got a thing in writing since court date. Judge again submissions in by 1st October, but nothing else was said. 

Thanks for reply guys. 

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Posted (edited)


”what do you have to gain by not serving them a copy?”


(What you might have to lose is the judge disallowing your submission if you haven’t complied with their direction(s) ).

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