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VCS/ELMS PCN PAPLOC now claimform - No Stopping - John Lennon Liverpool Airport

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As DX says its Not a Fine and never can be its an invoice for an alleged breach of a contract VCS imagine you entered into by stopping on a site they infest. Its not a Criminal matter, purely Civil  under Contract law.

We could do with some help from you.



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The bailiff: A 12th Century solution re-branded as Enforcement Agents for the 21st Century to seize and sell debtors goods as before Oh so Dickensian!

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You can only ask them. If they play hardball then show them what you are going to say about them losing Ws's all the time and say that if they agree, to the date change, you will drop the losing mail part. 

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Flamjam I am sorry that I missed this when looking through their WS and am unsure if you can use it in your defence if you have responded to their SWS already


It is taken fro the new Act -Private Parking Code of Practice which has been withdrawn for a short time-partly I suspect because the BPA have lost their bottle and do not want to ament their Code of Conduct since it would be admitting that their current one is unlawful.


However in this particular section what is stated holds true for  PoFA 2012 also.


It's Section 14 Relationship with the Landowner.


[3.] Where byelaws have been made, unless specific legal provision has been made to suspend them, they take precedence and therefore careful consideration must be given to ensuring that the parking management arrangements are consistent with them.

In their SWS  point 9 they say that Byelaws are arbitrary whereas they actually take precedence. 


So if you could find that it should be known to the VCS legal department also or if they were unaware of it why do they bother with a Legal department. Besides ignorance of the Law is no excuse. It beggars belief that they can say that Bye laws are arbitrary when under PoFA they are patently not, then have the effrontery to aver that they signed to say they are telling  the truth.


That was a blatant lie and you should call it out in Court.  They are trying to minimise the effect that Byelaws have in this case partly to help win their case and partly to pull the wool over your eyes and the Judge's. It is tantamount to perjury since there is no doubt that nay legal department would go over the new Act with a fine tooth comb.



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