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Bollard ripped out

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I drove over a bollard which was lying flat on the road at University of Nottingham and it was ripped out of the road from its bolts and dragged a few metres after which I backed up and removed it to the side of the road.


Proceeded to security booth to report but no one was there so I went straight to a garage to check on damage to my car. The undertray had been cracked and a piece broken off and some screws were ripped out from the underside of my car. 


I have now received a letter from notts police asking me to confirm that I was the driver and keeper of the vehicle at that date and time. 


It mentions "alleged to have committed an offence under an enactment relating to vehicles on roads...".


How serious is this offence? Can they arrest me for this??


I have of course replied to the letter confirming that I am the keeper and was the driver at the specified date and time. 



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Was this on private land BEHIND a locked gate, or a roadway to which the public had unfettered access (even if the land itself was private)?


Since you went to the security hut, did you

a) leave any info so they could contact you about the damage,

b) advise your insurers,

c) report the damage to the police as soon as “reasonably practicable”, and definitely within 24 hours??




there aren’t really any “arrestable” and “non-arrestable” offences any more.

For any offence a person can be arrrested, but only if it is both “necessary” and “reasonable”.

Usually this is when there is a need to prevent a further offence, or to enable the swift and effective investigation of an alleged offence.

If need be offer to attend a police station to be interviewed : removing their ability to say they’d need to arrest you (unlikely anyhow)


I hope you replied ASAP to any request for info / S127.

And kept a photocopy of your reply, and sent it from a post office getting a (free) certificate of posting.

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On the uni site itself or a public road?


It was already ripped out so someone had already done it and never cleared up or you pulled it out?


Any cctv or dashcam footage to prove it was not you?

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

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It was ripped out by my car when I drove over it.. I didn't notice it as I was looking around trying to find my way. I'm guessing the uni has CCTV footage otherwise I wouldn't have received the letter with my car reg on it. This was within the uni campus not a public road.


Sadly I didn't leave info, report to police or to insurers since I assumed uni of notts would have CCTV footage and get in touch with me regarding the damage and I could make payment for the damage. :(

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Was this private land to which the public had no unfettered access (where it is a purely civil matter), or a road to which the public have unfettered  access (even if it is private land), where “leaving the scene of an accident / failing to report an accident” can apply.

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You appear to have committed an offence, at first sight of your description of events.

Did the letter from the police mention any section(s) of statute law (the Road Traffic Act, for example)?


If you haven’t informed your insurers : you should. The University may already have written to them - they are better hearing it from you than them having to ‘chase’ you!

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That is your obligation (as registered keeper) to identify the driver (unless the RK genuinely does not know the identity of the driver AND it is reasonable for them not to know).

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Okay so what does that mean? There are no other laws or sections of the road traffic act mentioned in the letter. There is a PCSO name and address of Radford police station. 


Will I be arrested? Will I have to go to court for this?


What are the penalties usually for such offences?

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Have you looked at the link in my first reply (post no.2), or even googled about the offence(s) mentioned both there, and in my post #5


Its a self-help site. If you won’t help yourself by looking at suggested sources of info, people might think “wow, they’ll be a hassle to help, better I move on”……

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If you are that anxious : be reassured.

you likely have committed an offence but

a) no one died or was injured

b) you aren’t going to be arrested. Certainly not any time soon (they don’t know who was driving yet), and even once they do know : you almost certainly won’t be arrested.

c) Want to turn “almost certainly won’t” into “definitely won’t” (once they know who was driving) : offer to be interviewed at an agreed time & place if they wish.


Now that you know that, give yourself an evening off. Then, you can go over this thread so far (and any other responses) tomorrow, when you won’t miss stuff.

Cut yourself some slack.

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