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Lost parcel with InPost (Hermes) via Parcel2Go (P2G).***Settled in full***


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Hi all,


Have found this forum a useful source of advice so want to share my own pending journey - engaging fully throughout of course :)


On 22/8/2021, I paid Parcel2Go, using InPost (Hermes), to ship a £39 laptop which they have lost. Whilst a small amount - they should be providing their paid for services properly and thus I am taking this to small claims.


The letter before claim is attached - they now have 14 days to get back to me.


The address is: 


The Cube

Coe Street




The email address is: [email protected] and [email protected]Letter before claim forum version.pdf

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Looks good.

Obviously do the reading of the stories on this sub- forum.

Keep us informed and let us know if you have any queries

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They have responded to the previously attached letter before claim on the 27th September. Their response is attached.

As I issued the letter before claim on the 18th September, 14 days will elapse on the 2nd October - tomorrow.


I will file the proceedings online tomorrow at Gov.uk money claims. Following the particulars of claim in this thread, I have attached my draft particulars of claim.

10-01 Response to letter before claim forum version.pdf 10-02 Particulars of claim draft forum version.pdf

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Particulars of claim are fine – although it should be "is unfair" – not "are unfair".

You are now going to see P2G and Hermes at their worst – simply to resist the claim for 39 quid they will exploit the scarcely sourced taxpayer funded County Court system simply in order to raise obstacles and even though they won't dissuade you, they will dissuade many others.

This is part of their business plan. Once they do not pay the going rate for the County Court service even though they are a well funded and large business, they will make sure that the taxpayer helps them to resist the legitimate claims of bone fide consumers.

And to add to that, when they eventually pay out, they will set the amount of money that they pay out against tax so a portion of that will also be borne by taxpayers.

This is what P2G, Hermes and the others do and this is one of the reasons why they are really quite disreputable. However they're not the only ones playing the same game.


And just to make it clear to anybody who visits this thread, the value of the claim here is £39.

Yes, you heard that right


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Posted (edited)

Thank you BankFodder for the correction. Yes, it's ridiculous that they make customers go through this experience for the sake of such little money.

The claim has been submitted - I will of course update with their response.

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It's not ridiculous in the sense that it's not some accident.

It is scandalous because they are quite deliberately using a cost free (to them) resource to deter other customers from claiming for their lost or damaged items. I'm quite sure that there bean counters have calculated that by forcing a number of claims to go to court and then eventually settled at mediation, this is sufficient to put off the vast majority of potential claimants so that in the end it all amounts to a win for them whatever happens.


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  • Andyorch changed the title to Lost parcel with InPost (Hermes) via Parcel2Go (P2G).***Settled in full***

Well done topic  title updated.



We could do with some help from you.



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