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First Credit Unknown Debt


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I have two debts with First Credit both are for a loan from MBNA, to the best of my knowledge i no nothing of this loan,


Should i send a CCA request to First Credit? or is they anything else i shouls do?


Thanks for any help given....Cheers.


Oh strange thing is i recieved a letter saying i had put a dispute on these accounts about the balance owed, which i have never done.

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My credit report shows the following....


MBNA Europe Bank Ltd LOAN

Started 10/04/03 Default £949 Defaulted 30/06/06

Current Balance £921

Status History 8


MBNA Europe Bank Ltd LOAN

Started 08/01/03 Default £555 Defaulted 30/06/06

Current Balance £527

Status History 8


So should i send the CCA request or something else.


Thanks for helping.

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Well i got a letter from MBNA Europe which said...

"Please accept this letter as confirmation that your outstanding balance due under the above account has been sold to First Credit.

All enquires regarding this account, including accurate balance information,should be made directly to First Credit"


Then i got a letter from First Credit saying....

" MBNA Europe Ltd has assigned to First credit the full outstanding balance under the above account"


Then i got a second letter from First Credit saying

"I refer to your recent communication advising 1st Credit that you have a dispute/Query in relation of this debt.

We will shortly be contacting our client to advise them of your comments.This process will take at least one month"


That letter was sent 17/10/06.


So i'm unsure who owns this debt,so should i continue with the cca request and to who should i send it.

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You need to find out the facts from MBNA first, and you have two options.


1 Send recorded the CCA + £1.00, one for each account.


2 Send recorded SAR (Subject Access Request) + £10.00, which will cover both accounts.


If you have no knowledge of the debt be very careful that you don’t admit to it, and make sure you include in the request "that you do not acknowledge any debt……"


In my opinion the SAR will provide ALL the relevant information and serve you better in the long run.


MBNA are masters of harassment and denying you your rights. In sending one of the above you will gain the upper hand and be better equipped to fight your corner.


Hope this helps

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What should i write in the letter i've never seen a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) letter before,so i'm really unsure how you go about this, andwhen should i send it because i don't have much money to pay the fee until after Christmas.


Thanks for your quick response.


As for not knowledge of the debt, First Credit did send a letter saying i spoke to them on the phone to ask how dispute the balance,thus i accknowleged the debt....( i have never actually spoke to them on this subject so i have no idea where this came from).

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S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) here - read through the thread carefully to make sure you understand each point stated in the template and then change it to suit your circumstances. You'll need to send a cheque or postal order for £10 with it. With this you are entitled to every piece of information the company holds on you, from statements to call centre notes to your original agreement (if there is one).


As far as I'm aware, phoning does not acknowledge the debt, only making payment or sending a letter to that effect does. If I'm wrong, someone will be along to correct me, but that's the case with statue barred debts - they can only be 'reactivated' by written acknowledgement or payment.


Are you sure that you're not a victim of identity fraud? Are there any linked addresses on your report that do not belong to you, any other financial goings-on that you don't recognise? It's rare for a company to turn up out of nowhere unless the debt can be linked to you somehow. Even if that link only turns out to be that you have the same name and DOB as someone else...


Click the scales if I've been useful! :)

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From what I understand from your posts, MBNA are not chasing you for the debt and First Credit have basically put the account on hold until they hear back from MBNA. If this is the case, then First Credit or MBNA come to that, can’t take any action because the debt is in dispute.


From experience, I would say that there would be no problem in waiting until after Xmas to serve either the CCA or SAR (Subject Access Report) and then "go get um"


Demon X is correct in his advice that you can only acknowledge a debt in writing or by payment, telephone conversations do not count. I would also suggest that even payments could be explained away if they were made under duress and you can prove it.


Above all, don’t forget that the burden of proof lies with them. They have to show that you are the debtor, and Demons last remarks are valid.


So enjoy your Xmas

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Thanks for all the advice,i'll send the S.a.r letter after xmas, I doubt it's identity theft because it's only my name and address on the report and i've been living at this address for the past 21 years. It maybe just a debt i have forgot about.


I did take a royal bank of scotland loan out about 4 years back, it may be that, but i don't want to start paying the DCA thinking it's for Royal Bank of Scotlandthen suddenly Royal bank ofscotland turn up asking for the debt, I just want to make sure i know what i'm paying back,the correct balance then start offering a payment arrangment.


Again thanks for all the advice.

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First post so Hi guys. A couple of months ago I started getting letters to my house that were addressed to my mum from Connaught Collections about a debt of near 2 grand, my mum knows nothing of this. So after a lot of letters CC said that its not us but 1st Credit that the debts with (basically thats their big brother) and thats 1st Credit sent them a letter from the Consumer Credit Counselling Service about a payment plan for this debt. My mum swears blind she does not know anything about this. Connaught say that i have to stop bothering them :x and direct my queries to 1st Credit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. oh yes here is the sting in the tail, I live in England and my mum is in N.Ireland, why are they sending letters to my house, the only reason I can think of is that for a few months last year my mum came to live with us as my wife was quite poorly after giving birth (both are great now:-) )

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