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Critical life cover still not paid out after 10 months.


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In 2017 I took out life cover which included critical life cover.   The broker asked the questions and filled the answers in.  I checked the signed.   When it come to medical questions I was able to in to my medical records and answer the questions truthfully 


nov 2020 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  This was covered by the policy and made the claim


i give consent to access my medical records and which consultants where involved


update come back from legal and general informing me records received but further information is needed from the hospital.

another update come back saying the consultant had failed to answer the question and have sent another letter to the hospital  requesting the information.

another update come back saying the question is still unanswered and further information is needed


i called legal and general who said it’s with and assessser and she could not tell me what the question was.

I received an email 5 minutes later with and update informing me that the records included a “ tia following a collapse in 2014. No other details were provided around this” 


I have no recollection of this and certainly not in my records. Although I did collapse in 2012 and taken to hospital.   This was put down to the death of my mother and no further treatment was needed


they said because the hospital have failed to answer the question they would write to my GP
i got an update saying the GP  failed to answer the question and would be writing to them again

another update.   The GP had again failed to answer the question 

the update informed me  yesterday that they are unable to proceed and would therefore refer it to an underwriting team


every time they have received replies from the doctor or hospital. legal and general have a six week turnaround time.  Hence 10 months later this still not been resolved 

and now I’ve got to wait for the underwriting team


how do I go about complaining 



:???: what me. never heard of you never had a debt with you.
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Hi. I'm sorry to hear about your problems just when you don't need them. 


I think @unclebulgaria67might know more than I do about complaining but do you have a copy of L&G's complaints procedure? Normally you give them eight weeks to resolve your issues and then you go to the ombudsman but there could be a different way to do it.



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Normally if a complaint is urgent due to circumstances, you need to tell the Insurance company that they will need to accelerate the complaints process, resolve it quickly or issue a final response so the FOS can be approached without delay. Provide reasons for this and that complaint timescales are not appropriate.


Suggest you also contact your GP to ask about the L&G requests sent to them. L&G are wanting to ensure there is nothing on your medical records that would prevent them paying out.






Life Cover

This covers Life Cover, Mortgage Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Over 50s Life Insurance and Parent Free Cover.


[email protected]

Please include your phone number, so we can call you about your email Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm. When sending emails you should not include any personal, financial or banking details, as this method is not a secure way of supplying information.


0370 010 4080 (for issues relating to Legal & General Assurance Society).
9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. We may record and monitor calls.


Legal & General Assurance Society Limited
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