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Sent home by employer - can I go out?

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I am asking on behalf of my sister, who on several occasions now has been sent home to self isolate due to her manger thinking that she may have been potentially exposed to covid-19.


Track and trace have not required her to self isolate, this is just her boss potentially over reacting / worrying.


My sister does lateral flow tests, which are negative, but her employer still wants her to remain off for the 10 days.


Her employer is the local Council and she will still receive full pay, so no financial loss.



However, my sister is getting a little depressed with having to cancel her plans (evenings & weekends).


Don't get me wrong, she takes this very serious and is more than happy to follow the law etc. to protect herself and others.


However, I'm getting concerned that her employer is over reacting at the cost of my sisters mental wellbeing.


If she is sent home again and track and track are not the ones sending her home, can she freely go about her life without getting in trouble with her employer?



Many thanks,


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Hi HB,

Thank you for your time.


From what I can gather, its not that they don't believe her test results, they just feel that she could still be in the pre-symptomatic stages and therefore the test wont pick it up yet.


The employer is being a little "belt & braces" which I assume is totally their choice, and they are willing to pay my sister in full, so they are being fair.


Its just my sister is getting down with all these 10 day breaks, whereby her employer expects her to stay home, not visit or be visited by family & no visiting supermarkets etc.



Despite the situation seeming fair, with regards to still receiving full pay, the working environment is a very petty / two faced one, whereby other members of staff strive to snitch on people to the boss in order to earn points.


So she is worried about going to the supermarket in case she ends up being disciplined.




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@Emmzzi is very knowledgeable about employment matters and may have a view.


I have four questions:


1. What is the nature of your sister's job with the local council? In particular does it involve her working with clinically vulnerable people? Is she able to work from home?


2. Has she checked the current government guidance on gov.uk? Is her suspension from work in line with gov.uk guidance?


3. Does the council have its own published policy that applies to situation? Does that policy say she should be sent home?


4. Is she in a union? What does her union say?

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@Ethel Streetasks excellent questions, the answers to which will help a lot. Additionally does she have the option of taking a PCR test locally and would they accept that as more valid/accurate?



Never assume anyone on the internet is who they say they are. Only rely on advice from insured professionals you have paid for!

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Is she “double-vaccinated”?


Would she be willing to stay in during the hours she would normally be at work, and go out to lead her life in her own time?


It would be interesting to hear what the employer’s policy says about forcing its workers to self-isolate against government guidance during the hours they would normally be free to “do their own thing” (& are not paid for!)


Does her work have any elements of “on-call” or “standby” that might complicate if those off-duty hours were completely her own time?

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