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    • Thanks for the insight DX   They have just resumed telephone calls (obv not answering)    So I guess any time now I will be getting court papers on my door step, as PRA assume they have fully complied with my document request as part of the PAP.     Question... COULD I write to them questioning the T&C generic doc, the DN screengrab or different total balance on statement of account they provided?    Or is this something I should now only include AFTER claim has been started?     I'm not sure I have ALL the patience or mindset to battle this in court (have my first baby on the way after 4 miscarriages, so shall we say I'm distracted a bit)     I really do appreciate you taking the time to support and advise where you are able to.!     Regards D
    • Hi,   I am the owner of a new problem.   I went to start a new job in the nhs and realised very quickly it was not me.  I was also struggling with being bereaved and aware a new job was very shaky ground for this. By the third day, I expressed my apologies for making an error of judgement over taking up the position and gave my notice with immediate effect. I heard nothing more. I didn't expect to be paid for 2 days let alone the 7 days pay I've become in receipt of.   I would be asking how to return some of it and wondered if I would get a demand through to repay but opening the post today to find a payslip and P45 for want of putting it better, with what's a fabricated leave date on it indicative of a week spent there when I didn't, it occurs to me I have no way of proving what I did and didn't work.  The payslip is noted a one week's pay - am I best to open a dispute about time worked there? I've now got a new employer back in the private sector but who will be carrying out background checks as well themselves so thinking I'm heading for hot water if I don't do something as it looks like I worked at a hospital longer then I truly did.   I also want to ask about getting copy of reference? Can a hospital be SAR'd for getting to see a reference they took during background checks.  I felt in my heart there were issues before I took up the role, background checking which was going to be 3 weeks long become 6 with the line manager's manager getting involved and I just wonder if there was a reference issue behind all of it, that maybe they couldn't tell me as I think protection for references has changed?   Thank you for any guidance and hope I make sense.    
    • had a fair bit here but now all gone
    • They don't appear to be that litigious. My wife has a PCN from about four years ago and heard nothing from them after an initial flurry of reminders and threats.  
    • Hello everyone,   I found this website yesterday as I am looking to make a claim against UPS or Packlink due to damaging an eBay item I sent using their service.   I payed for their fully compensated service that covers against loss and damage. The item was sold through eBay (I'm a private seller) so the contents and cost of item were all declared.   The item in question is a five piece Le Creuset set with wooden stand. The item arrived badly damaged; the wooden frame was smashed apart, 2 of the pans have cracks, the other 3 all have some sort of chip or scratches. This is the eBay listing for the item - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124980052958   As you can see the items were all in perfect condition; basically brand new. All items were heavily bubble wrapped, with packing paper stuffed to fill in the gaps to ensure there was no movement. As this came with the original box, all items were put in that and then placed in a secondary, double walled box. The only way this could have been damaged is either being thrown with force, or dropped from a height. Either way, negligence on the couriers behalf.     Timeline of events -    4th November / 12.54pm  - dropped off at UPS drop off point 5th November / 9.39am - delivered to the buyer (he messaged me within an hour of receiving it, along with pictures of the damage)   8th November - claim opened on the Packlink website (I had to wait a few days for the buyer to send me more photos for the Packlink website as he was away)   8th November - 27th November - I have been messaging back and forth with Packlink and to be honest they are useless. I am very lucky that the buyer is a patient and helpful person as he has had to jump through hoops with the photos he's had to provide. Packlink told me that UPS would be in touch with the buyer as they need to collect the item from him in order to take it away and inspect it. UPS have not contacted him or me once and the item has still not been collected from the buyer.   I have been trying to keep the ball rolling by messaging them every few days and the response is always along the lines of 'we're waiting on UPS'. As of today Packlink have not messaged me back since the 22nd.     From reading some of the other posts on these boards I can see that chasing Packlink is probably not the thing to do and that I should look to UPS for the compensation instead. I have a few questions before moving forward -   - From initiating the claim it's been almost 3 weeks; have I given them enough time to sort this out?   - Am I safe to refund the buyer and have him send the item back to me? As Packlink have said that UPS will need to collect and inspect the item, I don't want to void any chance I have at getting my money back   I'm not sure on how to move forward regarding the direct UPS claim so any advice would be much appreciated.   If I've missed anything out please let me know and I will supply the needed information.     Thanks for your help,   Jack
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Purchased TP Link Deco M4 online for store collection. Got a message that my item will be delivered on 2nd Sept 21. Didn't get any notification till 2nd and I called their CS, they said you will receive in couple of days. No notification again. Tweeted them and one CS staff responded. They told me item is directly coming from manufacturer and no ETA. I need them badly, tried to sort out if they can provide a date. Finally they couldn't and asked me to get refund. I agreed. Then they said it will take 10 working days to get refund as they paid my £89 to manufacturer and Currys has no money to refund unless manufacturer cancel order and refund £89. Rubbish customer care. No CS email and only one CS contact number where you have to wait for 15 minutes minimum. Better go to Amazon or Argos. Will never buy any goods from Currys and tell my friends not to buy

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Thanks for this.

I'm afraid our experience of Currys PC World is that their customer service is extremely poor and when things go wrong they are very grudging about sorting things out.

Argos seems to be pretty good and Amazon seem to be excellent.

We've been running this forum for 16 years and scarcely ever had a complaint about John Lewis although in recent months I think that we've had one or two and I have a sense that the John Lewis customer service is deteriorating.

However, Currys PCWorld is definitely the worst

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