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Insurance Question - Damaged Rear Driver Side Door


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Need some advice please: have been involved in a hit and run at first but after obtaining some CCTV footage, the people I suspected have now owned up to the damage. All the garages I took it to have said the door needs to be replaced.

Anyway, went to one garage AutoFix who gave a quote and have said they work with Enterprise Accident Management Arm. I am inclined to go with this option as AutoFix are reputable as well as Enterprise who will deal with the whole insurance claim from 3rd party and provide a hire car. The person who hit my car, have said they will admit liability (i mean it will be hard for them to refute anyway!). I have their insurance details.

I am worried if I tell my insurance, even though non-fault, my insurance premium would go up.

So what I am asking is which avenue to go:

- through my own insurance; OR

- through AutoFix and Enterprise Accident Management Arm with guaranteed headache taken off me as well as being provided a hire car; OR

- claim from 3rd party my self? I have seen some people do this on here and claimed expenses back off the 3rd party.

Any help or suggestions would be great.

Thank you,

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It is a bit of a con, when garages do this. They obtain a commission if you use Enterprise and Enterprise will try to stitch you up with an expensive hire car, which the 3rd party or their Insurers may refuse to pay.  And if they don't pay the full hire cost, you will be liable. The agreement you sign will include credit hire.


If the 3rd party reports this to their Insurers, the claim will be recorded on a central database anyway.  And you would have to inform your Insurers of the incident, so there will be some premium increase anyway, even if it is a non fault claim.


Speak to the 3rd party and see if they have advised their Insurance company.   Their Insurance company may deal with your claim directly and also arrange you a hire car.   If they do agree to deal with your claim, this is easier for you and you know the claim plus hire car is being covered by the 3rd party Insurers.


If the 3rd party Insurers don't agree to deal with your claim, then go through your own Insurers. But be careful again, as some Insurance companies will outsource the claim handling to an accident management company.  So ask how any claim  would be handled.

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