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Day 2 pcr test - 3 weeks on and still no results


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Hi Team,


I recently paid for a PCR test from a government approved vendor.  The test arrived a day after I returned to the UK and I sent the test back using Royal Mail.

3 weeks has passed and I still have not received the results.  I paid and exorbitant amount for the tests and I have not received the results.  I haven't been given what I have paid for.  

I contacted my bank and they refunded the amount.  

The company have got in touch with me saying that they have sent me the tests and that I should withdraw the dispute.  No mention of the results.  

Surely, what I have paid for includes the all important test results?  How can I articulate this in terms of trading standards impingements? because I believe when you buy something and only get half of the service or product that would constitute and infringement?  






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Hi Jameson. 


This really isn't on, is it? I'm surprised you're the first person to have reported the  problem,  I also know people who have been let down. 


Could you tell us which company please?



Illegitimi non carborundum




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Hi Honeybee


I am surprised no one has experienced this sort of thing.  Considering the post boxes are overfilled with PCR tests.


The company is: -

thanks for your help!


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Imagine buying a product which gives a result, but you never get the result.  Can this be considered as faulty goods/service?  

Paid for tests but they didn't send me the results.  Do you think I can I argue this and uphold the chargeback ?

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Althogh you have not specificied it is implied from the information you expected to receive the results within a certain time frame.

If this is the case and the timeline has been missed then simply put you paid for a service, and you did not receive the service as advertised.


As the whole point of the service is to receive the results on time allowing you to travel or no longer follow the guidelines as laid out by the Government, the service is effectively useless if this is not carried out on time.


The service provider may argue they provided some of the service, or may provide you with your results well outside of the advertised timeline.


Based on the information you have provided this may be considered to be in breach of contract and is the wording you need to use should they attempt to challenge or negotiate on the chargeback.


It would be useful to you, if you have a copy of the terms and conditions set out when purchasing the service, or a copy of how the service was advertised.

As you mentioned a chargeback it is worth confirming you paid for the service by debit card?


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Thank you FruitSalad


Yes, I paid using debit card my bank has temporarily refunded the amount into my account and have raised the dispute with the company, pending the outcome of the investigation...


In Their FAQ section of their website, its is stated that I will be notified by email that my results are ready as soon as the lab has processed them. From there, I should log into the C-19 Direct portal to see the result.

I have received no email to say results are ready.


The FAQ also states, that results are generally returned within 24-48 hours from the time the sample is received by the lab.  This is not something they can guarantee – and that I should check their Terms and Conditions.


I have looked on their website and am unable to locate their Terms and Conditions page.  The term is not hyperlinked. 

Spent another few minutes on their site and still no luck finding their T&C page.. 


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