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    • you do NOT need to pay it and anyway that would not remove the ccj, its there on your file paid or not for 6yrs, a paid ccj even with a cert of satisfaction is as bad as a non paid one.   the ONLY way to remove it is to set it aside.   sadly you the very worst thing you could have done with ANY debt on your credit file or not that you last used or paid or wrote about to the debt owner in the last 7 yrs....you ran away,,,moved without informing the debt owner of your correct and current address.   erudio and drydens are masters at doing backdoor ccj's. they are ofcourse totally wrong that the defaulted date is the sb date...well not when your last written/signed ack of the debt was more than 6yrs before the claimform date.   now how do you remove it....go read that thread ...carefullly then comeback here and lets see if you understand how.   dx  
    • Thanks, having to move house and discovered this. It's causing a nightmare in trying to rent somewhere and mortgage was also refused by the bank.    Shortly after requesting info I got a warrant in the post from bailifs. Managed to halt that and pause any action till I get key dates to try and get this removed.   Not wanting to avoid paying it, just need the CCJ gone.   Appreciate your help. Will read fully although I am not great with law.
    • Write the letter. It's important that you put this in writing so that you have a paper trail. Send the letter by recorded first class delivery. Explain that because of the defect in the bundle which has manifested itself within 30 days – always refer to the bundle – you are now rejecting it under the consumer rights act 2015 and that you require a refund and you want to know what their arrangements will be for providing you with this. You can also send this by email – but do it straight away. This reserves your rights and after that you have some flexibility as to how you want to act. I understand that they are uncooperative. No surprises. Don't imagine either that they will be fazed by your letter – but the important thing is that you are able to show that you are asserting your rights. After that, they are acting unlawfully We will help you make a claim against them and I suppose that will involve threatening to sue them and maybe even going on to sue them. You will find interesting and you will acquire some transferable skills which will enable you to sue anybody else who gets in your way with a degree of confidence. However, it might be a good idea to mitigate your loss and I would suggest that you accept the money that they have put on the table but make sure that they understand that you are accepting it and you are happy with it and you consider that they still owe you the outstanding £70. If you are asked to sign anything then you should decline and then we will help you claim for the whole lot. However if they don't ask you to sign for anything, then make sure that they have a letter from you at the same time saying thanks very much do for the £250. You are accepting it but this should not be taken as an indication that you are now relinquishing your claim to the rest of the money. Tell us what you want to do – with you want to take the 250 or whether you want to simply reject the lot and claim for the lot. If you want to take the 250 – which I suggest that you do – and if they will give you the money despite the fact that you are still reserve your rights in respect of the balance, then come back here when you have that money and we will help you with the rest. If they refuse to give you the money unless you agree that it is in full settlement, then that becomes very interesting because it becomes very clear evidence that they are beating their obligations under the consumer rights act – and this gives you even greater leverage over them when you decide to confront them. The advantage of mitigating your loss is that there is less to sue for and that means that your court fees will be less – although you will get these back anyway when you win. Also, because they are only fighting to hang onto £70, they are more likely to put their hands up once they know you're serious. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking the money that is available on the table subject to the reservation which I've indicated above.
    • Yes she might well have sunk the VCS ship, or put it on the rocks as it rehashes old stuff introduces nothing new.
    • Hello BF   As you caught, yes both items (console with digital game download) bought from GAME as an advertised bundle (still got screengrabs of the bundle/ad).   No letter sent but I did actually quote that specific 2015 act when trying to return it in-store. I was scrolling away online looking at consumer advice on my mobile as the manager was testing the console. It fell on the deaf ears of the store manager who wasn't entertaining the return/my query at all. They just kept saying there is nothing technically wrong with the console. I'd question whether the manager even knows about the CRA2015 considering their response/the lack of engagement.   I've not done anything formally but I'll write a letter. The store said I can pick up with customer services. I've went more along the lines of escalating from store to area manager. Their website is quite specific that in-store returns can only be made in-store. I'm awaiting a call from area manager next week but after todays update that they will withhold £70 I'm expecting a similar response.   It cost £250 in total. I traded in an old playstation as part of the deal. £100 trade-in value and £150 by debit card. For clarity I'm not expecting £250 back via debit. But £100 store credit and the £150 debit refunded was my sole expectation.   Thanks very much btw!
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I bought a LG TV from Curry's and now it has a fault after 19 months....


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Hi Guys,

So my LG TV developed a screen fault after 19 months of use. I bought online for £399 from Curry's. LG support say it's a screen fault and needs replacing. I wrote a letter before action to Currys CEO under 'not fit for purpose' and received the following response. Thoughts please?


Dear Mr Tunnah, 
Thank you for your reply. 


I can confirm that the resolution offered to you is fully in line with both the Sales of Goods Act 1979 (applicable to items purchased prior to 2015) and its successor the Consumer Rights Act 2015.


There are 2 options available to us as a retailer to offer you, 


  • An assessment to confirm a manufacturing fault and on confirmation a repair where economically viable
  • A partial refund, taking into account the age of the goods to the point where you reported the issue to us and the price originally paid.


We have offered you a choice of the above and are still awaiting your confirmation of which resolution you wish to follow. 


Yours sincerely,


Jay D

Team Knowhow™ CEO Support Team

Team Knowhow™ Customer Contact Centre 

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Correct sadly

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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Yes, if you take it to court and you win, best you can expect is a pro rata award calculated on the life expectancy of the TV set less a portion representing the use that you have had from it.

What they don't say to you is what their calculation is.

You need now to do some research to see what the reasonable life expectancy of that model TV set of that value might be. You my estimate 10 years in which case you have had something approaching 20% of the benefit.

On the other hand, Curry's might want to estimate the life expectancy is five years and then say that you have had 40% of the benefit.

So you should write the letter and tell them that you will accept the pro rata option that you want to know the basis of any calculation before you accept a figure


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