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CURRYS: Bad service and damage to wall.

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I am very upset about the service I have received from Curry's. During a house move to a newly refurbished house I damaged my television. My Insurance company  (Churchill) provided me a voucher for £599 to purchase a new television from Currys. On the 2nd of June, I purchased a Sony KE48A9BU, a tv mount - Sanstrom 18 and a tv wall installation costing £1628, from Curry's in Hereford. The staff were very helpful and advised me on my purchase. The installation of the wall mount and tv was arranged in store for Tuesday 8th June. !!!!


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I'm very sorry but with the best will in the world you have posted such a huge and pretty well unbroken block of text that it is quite impossible for anybody is specially if they're using a small screen to follow the story.


Please would you repost your story concentrating simply on the facts of the the case and the problems that currys-pc-world have caused you. Then we can give you the support you need.


I'm sure we can help you but I'm afraid that you need to make your story accessible to us



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Posted (edited)
  • On the 2nd of June, I purchased a Sony KE48A9BU, a tv mount - Sanstrom 18 and a tv wall installation costing £1628, from Curry's. The staff were very helpful and advised me on my purchase.


  • The installation of the wall mount and tv was arranged in store for The 8th June - the man cancelled on the day. The next appointment was arranged for 11th June - also got cancelled on the day.  next appointment was arranged, I don't remember when that was, this time two men did arrive but when they did they didn't know how to install a sanstrom tv wall mount. They watched a couple of video's on youtube and had a go!


  • The mount didn't work properly, in that it didn't move up and down, which it is supposed to do. I then drove back to the store in Hereford (please bear in mind that it takes me an hour each way to drive from my address to Curry's in Hereford). The wait in the shop was extensive and the time it took to sort out my order and discuss the problem was over an hour. The conclusion was to send out someone more qualified to resolve the problem.


  • An appointment was arranged for someone to arrive on the 21st of June. When he arrived he looked at the installation and proclaimed that I had been sold the wrong tv mount as my television wasn't heavy enough for this mount. I then went back in store!!!! Had another long wait and another long discussion which concluded in having to order the correct Sandstrom tv mount which would suit the weight of my television! I


  • then waited for the store to get back to me, a couple of weeks went by and as I hadn't heard from them I then drove back to the store!!! Waited etc to be served, it turned out they had mislaid my details and was therefore unable to contact me. I then arranged for another installer to fit the new mount, which is somewhat smaller.


All in all I have lost 5 days income to get this tv installed! This doesn’t include the amount of time, petrol money and stress caused by driving backwards and forwards, speaking to customer services in store and on the telephone. The total amount of time this has cost me has superseded the cost of the television and wall mount as its more than a few multiples of this! The damage to my newly painted wall and the television is not straight. 


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Paragraphs added for ease of reading. HB
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Clearly you are entitled to some compensation for the inconvenience and losses you have  suffered.

However don't expect it to be easy.   Even when there are clear breaches of the Consumer Rights Act, Currys specialise in attempting to defeat their customers and they are prepared to spend any amount of money defending claims which represent only they portion of the amount that they invest in denying people's rights.

Your claim which will be comprised of of some  actual losses but also loss of earnings  will be much more difficult than normal but if you are prepared to go ahead then we are happy to support you. There is no doubt that Currys PC World deserve a slap for the way they treat their customers


I think that you need to start off by itemizing your losses in terms of actual discernible money loss and secondly tell us about your loss of earnings. What do you do for a living and how much would you normally expect to earn in the time that you had to give up to meet these broken appointments.


Finally, you say that the wall is damaged.

have you had an estimate for repairs? Also you say that the television is still not mounted correctly so we need to have an independent estimate for that remedial work as well


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