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Hermes lost return item for Amazon


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I bought a Monitor from Amazon sometime ago and wanted to return it to Amazon for few reasons (within 30 days return window).


I returned it using Return option on website and it gave me option to select Hermes where they will collect the item form my home.


I packed the monitor in it's original packaging, stuck the return label and it got collected on the right date.


yesterday I received email from Amazon saying they received an empty box and that If I want my refund, I should return the item.


I sent the monitor as it was received. the monitor was 32" so it didn't have Amazon packaging outside so the driver and anyone after the collection could see what the item was.


unfortunately I did not take any pics as I've never had issue with box turning up empty at Amazon if I had to return something.


where do I stand? Am I out of £469?


I replied to their email where that said "if would like to appeal this decision, please reply to this email" and I received same reply saying return the Item to get a refund.


I paid using AMEX card and have been Amazon customer since 2010 with 180 Orders just this year so far. (if that makes any difference)


thank you

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Your action here is against Amazon because use their return system, their label, and effectively it is a matter between them and Hermes.

Of course there will be a dispute as to whether or not you have tried to steal the monitor and simply return an empty box – but eventually I'm sure you will succeed, partly because Amazon are really too big that they are going to want to try and haggle over it.

On the other hand, Amazon can turn nasty and they can start closing accounts if they feel that they are being abused.

Have you got a pattern of having returned items to Amazon? Or is this the first time?

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thank you so much for quick reply.


just spoke to them on the phone and the rep have sorted it all out and issued a refund.



to answer your question. yes, I do have 3 other returns open/almost closed with Amazon currently.

the items are worth £5, £10 & £449 -

reasons, Order 1 - I cancelled but they still sent it.

order 2 - was a screwdriver set that looked used so I returned it as is.

order 3 - was PS5 I ordered. I ordered PS5 Disc Version and received Digital Edition.  When I received it the box had clear cello tape on top of amazon parcel tape so before I opened the box I took pics and made video of opening it.


they have already refunded the amounts for those returns so these are all sorted.


I've learned my lesson from this and will never return anything with Hermes even if I  have to drive 5+ miles to go drop it off at post office as they weight the item first or use a different service.


thanks again for all your help.

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Thanks for the update.


I'm pleased that it has been sorted

I suppose it could happen with any career but Hermes certainly seems to be the worst.

If you going to use Hermes then best to deliver it to 1 of the parcel shops where somebody will confirm the weight et cetera. Or as you say, take it to a post office.

We've had two or three people on this forum have been blocked by Amazon for returning too many items – although they return far more than you appear to have done.

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When will companies learn not to use Hermes. The amount of times ive tried to pay additional for postage just to give it someone, anyone but Hermes!

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Posted (edited)

I do have my fair share of returns but I also do buy almost everything from Amazon.


my purchases from Amazon in last 5 months are over £40k inc (.it/.de/.es/.fr) with over 250+ order combined for all regions.



I think they just go with the cheapest option.

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Don't forget that Hermes deliver millions of parcels every year and most of them are delivered successfully. Of course it seems that when things go wrong then they are very bad at handling their customer service.

It seems to me that they have the same mentality as Currys PC World whose complaints in litigation are run by some internal company called DSG.

They seem to take everything personally and they seem to get pride from placing obstacles in front of their customers to really test them so that only the most persistent get their settlements.
Same story with Hermes.

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