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Was told that I would receive no early termination fee, then charged one by O2

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I received the following email from O2:




I eventually found a way to contact them, they really do not make it easy, and called to cancel my contract. I was asked by the, equally frustrated, representative if the change affected me, I said 'yes', finally got a PAC and left them, absolutely never to return.


Now I find they are charging me the early termination fee and that there is no record on my account of me telling them that the change to my contract would affect me (apparently a condition of leaving without an early termination fee).


So, where do I stand, is this statement over the phone that the change affects me, actually important, even though it does not mention it as a condition in their email?

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You need to give as much more information about the date they gave you notice of the changes, the day you finally called them.

What has happened now? Are they threatening you? Have you checked your credit file?

I'm afraid that we can't form any opinions on the scant details that you have told us

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I recieved the email 'An important update about your mobile tariff' with the no termination fee details mentioned on 24 06 2021


I called to terminate/get a PAC code on 14 07 2021


Today I noticed that there is a payment for the full amount about to be taken out of my bank account, and today an agent on instant chat told me that when I requested my PAC over the phone on 14th the agent did not note that I had said that the change would affect me, this last requirement seems pretty flimsy and wasn't mentioned in the email.


I wanted to find out if I could safely block this at my bank before payment is taken as I have no confidence in O2



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If you have got the written notification from them that you can terminate within 30 days without incurring charges then I think that is quite good enough.

I would certainly attempt to block the charge with the bank. However I can imagine the bank won't be happy with it and you will have to be very insistent and if they refuse then you should immediately tell them that you are making a complaint which you want taken to the ombudsman. Get a reference number.

Is your payment simply by direct debit or is it using a card? If the payment is being taken against a regular card number then you should be able to arrange a chargeback if there are any problems. The bank may try to say that is a contract – and you will have to say that it is not and that you have written evidence that you will not incur charges and they have breached their promise.

If the whole thing goes on and you end up losing your money then tell us here.

If you manage to block the payment then no doubt they will start getting very nasty and very heavy and we will help you there as well.

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they seem to be disregarding that and only focussing on the point that the agent, when I asked for a PAC, did not note that I had said the contract change would affect me.


thank you

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I'm sorry but I asked you a number of questions and you haven't addressed any of them.
For us to help you, you would need to give us the information we ask for

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Hi BankFodder

I answered a couple of your quentions, but now that you have confirmed that the info in the email is important I'll use that and call them tomorrow.


If they insist that I didn't confirm that the change of contract would affect me and that the email meant nothing I'll talk to my bank.


I don't want to take up anymore of your time until I get their response tomorrow

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read our customer service guide.  If you recorded your calls then you wouldn't have this problem.  You've been here since 2008

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