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Income Protection Insurance Appeal (Policy Definition)

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Hi Good folks


I have recently had my income protection insurance stopped, after functionality tests carried out by a "health professional" chosen by them to carry out an assessment. I ought really clarify that health professional really shouldn't be applied, Insurance assessor is more apt.

Anyone who has been through this will know that its "fait accomplie" .. the factual inaccuracies and exaggerations were upsetting. My employer would also have read the report and may have taken it on face value.


I now need to appeal the decision, however my employer refuses to give me a copy of the policy which contains the wording for the "definition of incapacity" which is crucial to my appeal. I asked 10 (ten) times amicably, before taking advice and raising a DPA to get this information, which is also being contested. 


I'm in a position where I need to appeal, but am being obstructed from doing so effectively by my employer who is the only body that can supply this, its theirs and my document. This feels wholly wrong to me, unethical at the very best. Legally can anyone advise if they are obliged to provide this as a matter of course? or give any advice? I've contacted ACAS but they advise to seek to solve amicably.. which I have!


Thanks in advance

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Hello, welcome to CAG. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having.


Can you tell us who the insurer is please and the name of their income protection plan? It might be that their documentation is online.


Best, HB



Illegitimi non carborundum




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All of the information you need to start dealing with this, is contained in the following link.



How businesses can resolve income protection insurance complaints.



if the employer is refusing to provide information, therefore denying you opportunity to use any complaints process, you can go straight to the FOS.  Tell the employers you will involve them in a complaint, if you need to, so better they cooperate.

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