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MyHermes - Missing Parcel and No Working Contact Facility - is this theft?

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I posted a parcel to Austria on 12. July and should have arrive there by 21. July. Tracking stopped on 22. July and no further information to its whereabouts received. The parcel is insured for over £300. Interestingly, on booking and paying online directly with Hermes, I received no email with receipt of payment!


Investigations took me along a tortuous route of the promised ‘friendly and dedicated telephone helpline’ which, as many of you will be aware is just a digital voice and dead end facility, no other contact or functioning means of help available, not to mention Holly … 


Following my email to Hermes CEO, I received replies from various executive helpers with confusing, contradictory and unhelpful informations - extending the frustrating experience already endured.


This company invests much energy in fending off clients rather than assisting: a missing parcel is a serious incident! Eventually initiated an investigation but no further details or updates have been provided.


How can it be legal that a company is trading without an impressum on any of its communications, an email address that takes you back into a torturous merry go around as does their facebook page.


Some suffering customer has simply turned his frustration into constructive action starting a Government Petition: Regulate the courier service industry with penalties for undelivered parcels 



Regulate the industry so the courier companies are held to account for this high loss/damaged/theft of parcels we are seeing.

- just google it and sign!

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Have you come here for help or just to hawk a petition around?

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Well I don't think the petition is at all helpful and unfortunately it tends to dilute people's anger and energy to make something that they have taken action – when am afraid it will have no effect.

Still, happy to leave it up there and may be some people will sign it but I doubt whether many people will take notice and I doubt whether the government will take notice.

If you want some help then you will need to put your question. However, there is a risk that it has been delayed because of customs. Since Brexit, all sorts of international deliveries are taking far longer than they should and as much as I hate to say it, you probably should give it another week or two before stopping your complaint.

That will give you lots of time to formulate your question and also to read up on this forum a good chunk of the Hermes stories that we have so you can understand the way that the complaint goes and how it you will eventually get your compensation

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Well, very happy for you to delete the petition.


My main frustration is the lack of customer service and the enormous amount of time to contact them. I only managed via CEO email I unearthed from some other website.


Thanks for your comments though. I don't seem able to edit my post further.

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No need to edit - tell your story but as I have said - you probably need to give it a bit longer.

Do the reading in the meantime

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