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Is the Car App not working enough reason to reject?

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Hi all,


I find myself once again maybe going for the wrong/bad car!



Car: Audi E-tron 2019/19 with 13800 miles on the clock which was an ex-Audi UK car sold via an Audi Lookers dealership.

Picked up: 17/6/2021

Method: Outright/cash with deposit of £1000 paid on credit card

Price: £47399


Day of handover, found a small dent and showed to salesman who said he would get it all sorted - no issues as I know him/dealer very well.

Evening of handover, I emailed salesman in addition to dent, several other issues with most being minor and one being the My Audi app not working with the car.



23/6: Car is picked up to get bits resolved.

29/6: Car returned - My Audi issue still outstanding (confirmed by salesman ) along with 1 other item (severe rusting on brakes/discs) + a minor rattle low down on the list of priorities.  New issue with a scuff now on same side as dent - 

14/7: Car back at dealership to get remaining bits resolved

21/7: Car returned with brakes/discs resolved, scuff for next time due to time, my audi issues remain


What the officials say

Dealership aftersales are stumped with the issue and have logged with Audi Digital Services + Audi UK

I've spent 5 hours now with Digital services with 3 cases of my own logged- all 3 escalated by no ETA on resolution

Audi UK have logged it too under my name.


Why is the app so important?

Well aside from the fact you can lock/unlock using it, being an electric vehicle, it tells you about charge status and enables climate control remotely.


Why is this so important you say?

EVs don't do well in cold temperatures - If this carries on into the winter, preconditioning is critical to the longevity and efficiency of the battery - this is where you remotely switch on the climate control to draw heat towards the battery.

Charging status is also important - twice now I have been left almost stranded because the charger stopped working due to a fault.  When this happened, the app failed to notify me it had stopped or it was not increasing charge.  Some 30 mins later (or 60 as it was yesterday), I go back to the car to find its stopped and there isn't enough range to get back.



I am also not the only one with this issue.  One forum has over 19 pages of people complaining around the world.

Another one with 6+ pages- there is also an e-tron group on facebook again with complaints.


Who does it impact? 

Pretty much anyone with a 2019 or early 2020 e-tron.  It seems fine for late 2020 and 2021 models.  Also the A8 I had as a loan car and a late 2020 e-tron, both worked as did my previous SQ5 that I sold.



The app also has something else called Function on Demand.  This is where you purchase "packs" to enable functionality in the car that it did not come with or was not specced with.  My reason for buying this specific spec car despite missing two bits I wanted was always that I could purchase them later.

Initially these were not available at all - Audi stated an update would fix it so this was actioned...it did...well for one out of the 2 I wanted.  But even the 1, I purchased it and it has been "installing " ever since.

It is all however most likely related to the app/communication issues with the car.



I like the car a lot and don't want to reject especially as I will not find a similar spec/price again.  The next closest option is almost £10k more as its newer.

But if I do reject, is the app not working sufficient reason?  

I am looking at another brand as a backup but they have their own baggage with reliability and with my relation with this specific dealership + generally Audis, I would prefer sticking with them.

My concerns around the FOD is also as the licences begin to expire (Maps, My Audi, Alexa etc) this should be something you can renew via FOD but currently may not be working/available to renew.  



Thanks in advance


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