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HMRC seek repayment after Fast Tax Rebates Ltd take most of rebate


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I have also been scammed by FTR Ltd in exactly the same way as @dixon2094


i received £5380 but HMRC want nearly 17k back as that’s what FTR took on my behalf.


I have requested my file via a SAR and emailed HMRC asking them to review my case.

I have also reported this to Action Fraud and have a crime number.  


Surely if there are so many instances of this happening HMRC have to take some accountability for releasing funds on so many occasions without any proof of investments to FTR Ltd?

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Hi @slick132

Thank you for your reply, I’ve never been on here before so no idea what I’m doing! 
I have all the paperwork at home so I’ll come on tonight and put all the figures and dates on then 

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Hi, A lot of people I work with have done this and I was told it was for expenses I hadn’t claimed over 3 tax years, nothing about any investments.


I received £3591.73 on 16th March 2020 which was for tax years 2017/18 & 2018/19


then £2244.26 on 21st April 2020 for tax year 2019/20.


I got a letter on February 23rd 2020 from hmrc asking for certificates so I called them, I then forwarded my bank statements and screenshots of emails where I provided copies of my p60’s to Alan Maxwell at Maxwells Accountancy Services.


The payments came from Fast Tax Rebates Ltd. I also had some texts from Claire where she asked for my gateway code.


Hmrc now say that I owe in total £16940.87 payable now or interest on top. I have reported this to Action Fraud and asked hmrc to review my case and postpone any tax repayments. 

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Sorry, just copied and pasted from my notes. 

The lady I spoke to asked me to tell her what had happened, which I told her, I said I hadn’t known about any investments and I had tried to contact Maxwells and they have left the premises they had and the email bounced back to me, she then asked me to provide all the info I had about the company including screenshots of emails, texts and bank statements. She told me I had done the right thing in calling and it would be looked into, but it could take some time as they would need to investigate. 

Yes I got a crime number from Action Fraud

The demands are dated 21st June and I asked for a review on 20th July. 

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Yes I have the address of the offices at the time. 

I was given their email address by a colleague at work and I provided them with my mobile number. I have 2 mobile numbers for them, I tried to contact them when hmrc contacted me asking for the certificates, one has been disconnected and the other went to voicemail 

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Yes they did. It said ‘I am looking at your claim for Enterprise Investment Scheme Income Tax Relief. Your return included a claim for 3 investments £24,000, £22,000 and £20,000 which generated an income of £6003.20, £5275 and £4836 paid to your nominee Fast Tax Rebates Ltd. 



Mr Allan Maxwell Esq.

Maxwells Accountancy Limited 

Corbridge Business Centre

Tinklers Yard 



NE45 5SB 


Mobile 07415 113397

Office 01434 634121 


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  • honeybee13 changed the title to HMRC seek repayment after Fast Tax Rebates Ltd take most of rebate

it looks like this Allan Maxwell is the person along with Claire Maxwell who has scammed me and a number of others into claiming rebates on our behalf investing in Ltd Companies he is a director of.


Thinking back to a conversation with Claire Maxwell she told me that the rebate would be spilt into 3,

I would receive a third,

the accountants a third for arranging and

the remaining third invests into a company as part of the scheme which stays in place for 3 years and then those funds could potentially be released back to me.


Not being an accountant myself I didn’t really get it at the time but hindsight is a wonderful thing hey!

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No I don’t think so however when I’ve done some digging into Allan Maxwells in the Blythe/north east region around his age it says they have a spouse called Claire 

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i have received my SAR but it only has the correspondence attached that hmrc have already sent me, notes from the telephone conversation I had with my case worker and a note between her and a colleague saying that they wouldn’t impose a penalty. Please see below…


“I refer to your recent SAR request and attach our response together with all relevant documents. Please note that certain details have been removed from some of the documents for security purposes.


Sandra Patrick | ISBC C&A Agent Compliance Team |Indv and Small Business Compliance | HM Revenue and Customs| BX9 1LE | | Tel 03000 523401  | [email protected]


Please note that email is not a secure medium and if you choose to transmit commercially sensitive information regarding your company or its business practices via email to HMRC you do so at your own risk.  


In the above case opening letters were issued 23 February 2021 for 2017/18-2019/20. A reply was received from the customer (tel call followed by email documents) and we are now ready to restart.


This case is similar to one that you have recently looked at for me in that the customer was naïve/trusted her agent and it is doubtful whether careless behaviour would be supported if the case went to Tribunal. I believe we should classify this as MDTRC and not charge a penalty.


Please can you confirm your agreement to both FRB and no penalty


Email from Tech Team 15/06/2021

Subject: EIS CASE -

I agree that this case should be treated as MDTRC for the reason stated. There is no evidence of deliberate behaviour, and I doubt if she will be so trusting again. Therefore it seems highly unlikely that she is going to repeat her mistake.

Internal Notes 12/07/2021


Technical advice sought re the particular circumstances of this case. An SA record was set up for expenses over £2,500. The return came in without these expenses so the SA record is automatically closed.

Per technical advice, behaviour agreed as MDTRC. The customer placed trust in her agent


Please note that non-personal information relating to HMRC’s internal processes and guidance have been redacted or removed. Names of HMRC officers not directly involved in the compliance check have also been removed.


MDTRC - mistake despite taking reasonable care


I’ve also had a letter with the results of the review which I believe is the same response Dixon and Alvinsmalvin have had where they state although they empathise the responsibility lies with me to repay as I gave Fast Tax Rebates Ltd my information. 


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Still really struggling to upload the Hmrc 5 page letter, I’ve downloaded all kinds of apps on my iPhone with no joy. 

In the meantime I will be responding  to the SAR as below, please check it’s ok


Further to your response regarding my SAR and also the letter dated 27th July, the SAR doesn’t include any information regarding Fast Tax Rebates Ltd, and also how the decision to investigate my tax affairs was reached. You must inform me if the decision was totally random, or if it was information made available to HMRC from whatever source. 
To be clear, I require any tax returns, submissions made, and documents submitted on my behalf from Fas Tax Rebates ltd, communications between Hmrc and Fast Tax Rebates ltd, tax calculations, file notes, memos sent or received, information about the decision to review my tax return and/or income tax affairs. 
Please now respond properly to my SAR addressing all relevant points by return of post as you’ve already had the time allowed to respond. 
I cannot respond to your last letter regarding the 3 options until I have this information for me to make the decision to move forward, consider all the data and take advice. 
Please therefore postpone any action until hmrc respond to my SAR has been completed properly. 


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On 09/08/2021 at 17:43, dx100uk said:

I have emailed my local MP today and another person has come forward who has also had the same experience, plus I have requested the others I know to do the same 

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i have received my SAR today, no information whatsoever, only what I earned and what I paid in tax for those 3 tax years. Nothing about any tax returns or anything to do with this case!

I also got a email from Action Fraud 


I am sorry to hear you have been a victim of crime. Thank you for taking the time to report to Action Fraud. Your report has been sent to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) for review.

Experts at the NFIB examine the information you provide. Where possible, the information is also matched against other available data in order to enrich and corroborate the details of the fraud. The NFIB assess whether there are viable lines of enquiry that would enable a law enforcement body, such as the police service, to investigate.

On this occasion, based on the information currently available, it has not been possible to identify a line of enquiry which a law enforcement organisation in the United Kingdom could pursue.

Registered users of our service have the opportunity to update their report, so if you have additional information about your crime which you believe could change the assessment, please log in to your account and submit that information. We continuously assess the content of individual and linked crime reports; in the event that a line of enquiry is identified we will provide you with an update.

Please be assured that by contacting us you are giving the police vital information that they need to protect you and others. The information you have provided may be used to disrupt criminal activity and inform prevention advice and campaigns.

If you have any queries regarding this letter please visit www.actionfraud.police.uk/FAQ. If you would like more information on how to protect yourself from fraud and cyber crime, please see the guidance at www.actionfraud.police.uk/support_for_you.

Thank you for taking the time to report and helping us to make the UK a safer place.


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I sent HMRC the email you suggested above on Friday but heard nothing as yet. Do you have any idea what to respond back to Action Fraud? I can see that everyone who has reported this to them have had the same response, plus I can see there is a new thread regarding this same scam that honey bee has commented on. 

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I have also had a reply from the local MP’s assistant to say they have my email and they will be looking into this further to see what action can be taken. I have also updated them on the response from Action Fraud and the second part of my SAR

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Hi - I have had a response to my SAR query from my case worker below


Thank you for your email of 13 August 2021. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying which is due to my seeking technical advice.


I can confirm that HMRC considers that disclosing the reasons why we open enquiries would undermine our compliance activity and would likely prejudice the assessment and collection of tax. As I mentioned before, this information is withheld under Schedule 2 of the Data Protection Act 2018: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2018/12/schedule/2/enacted. I also reaffirm that I consider I have sent you all the personal information held by me in respect of my compliance check. For confidentiality reasons, I do not have access to all your personal data held by HMRC which is why you received a separate response from our Personal Tax team. If there is still information you feel is missing from their response, please specify what that information is and I will forward your concerns to our Personal Tax Team to look into.


If you are not happy with this decision, you may, as you mention, complain to the Information Commissioner who can be contacted at:[email protected], or Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF, or 0303 123 1113.


Please note that I will shortly be continuing my compliance activity and reviewing what action is now required.

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All that was on my SAR was the amount I earnt  and the tax I paid on the tax years I had requested. No copies of the tax returns or what investments I supposedly made and to which company 

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I have put this response together, what do you think? 

I refer to my last email which was addressed to you and Christopher Beddow as that is who sent me the second part of my SAR and I explained that it was sent to you as I didn’t have an email address for Mr Beddow so I would assume you would have forwarded my email to him to answer my queries on the missing information. I specified very clearly what information I require, it does not undermine any of the HMRC compliance to provide me with the information on my personal tax file. I was sent only what I would find on any P60. 
I will clarify again what it is I require as follows:-
You must provide me with copies of any and all information held including tax returns, submissions made and documents submitted on my behalf by Fast Tax Rebates Ltd, investments I have supposedly made and to which companies under EIS, calculations, file notes, memos sent or received. 
I would assume that any decisions regarding possible action made under your compliance review be on hold until I have received the information I require and am entitled to receive and time to seek advice of my own. 
Kind regards
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