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OGB v Shabbey


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Hi all!


I've done a lot of reading on here and now with all my paperwork together and £2012 worth of charges, I'm ready to go.


I'm now going to send my initial letter and SOC - in 4 ways: letter to Head Office and Customer Satisfaction Centre and fax and email to CSC. I've got all my deadlines flagged up on my Outlook calendar, but whoever responds to me first - then great!


I've got 2 parachute accounts open and am reading and researching on this site til my eyes hurt. Got printouts of the LBA and N1 form just to familiarise myself with them, and am now trying to work out what the best method of claiming is (SCC or Money Claim online).


I'm going to send the fax and email now and then I'm off to the Post Office to Register the letters.


I'm probably going a bit OTT here, but after reading of all the tricky ways in which the Shabbey operate, I'm trying to treat this as a battle - conducted with military precision. Ooh yes, Shabbey are the enemy.


So my epic battle begins....

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Hello and welcome OGB, you can file with either the N1 to the court or moneyclaimonline, the advantage of the former is that you can fit more detail and attach the spreadsheet with interest and file it at the court closest to you, the downside of mcol is that it goes to the Northampton Court and gets farmed out from there, you cant attach your spreadsheet and you are not able to fit much detail in the space given.


Hope this helps



Lula v Abbey - Settled

Lula v Abbey (2) - Settled

Lula v Abbey (3) - Stayed


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Thanks for that. I have read lots on here but are there any advantages to being able to submit your claim at exactly 12.01am on day 15, rather than going down to the actual Court first thing that morning?? Is the 8 or 9 hour window detrimental to claimants or negligible? I think I'm leaning towards submitting it in person but will take advice.



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Hi. I'm really stressed and am now confusing myself.


I've sent off my prelim letter and am waiting to send my LBA, but I'm :confused: . I've used Vampiress' Google template 3a: Before Court Without Interest, so obviously it just states the charges and the dates, no interest calculated.


So, in my LBA, will I be ammending the template to read:


I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX.
and this bit will be deleted:


.... plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX.
because I'm still not able to work out what the interest would be using the banks rates at the time etc. Is that right?


Once I put a Court claim in, at this point I then add on the 8% interest, any Court Fees and the £10 for the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) using a different spreadsheet template which does the 8% interest calcualation thus providing me with a new total. Is this correct? Hence this paragraph in the LBA:


I am enclosing a copy of the schedule of the charges which I am claiming. I have already sent you a copy of this in my original letter of the [XXDATE OF FIRST LETTERXX]


If you do not comply fully within 14 days then I shall begin a claim against you for the full amount plus interest, plus my costs and without further notice



I think I've done a bit too much reading on here, because everything is starting to get a little muddy, so forgive me. Must try not to read cases on here every day :oops::-o .


Thanks for your help.

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I got a letter from 'them' on Saturday saying they hope to resolve the issue, but it may take longer than the 14 days I've given them! Day 14 is on Thursday so will be sending my LBA then regardless, unless of couse, they've settled in full.:rolleyes::D


Thanks Karnevil. I've stayed off the site for just over 4 days now, and I feel better for it! Things make sense again. Lol.

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It's funny reading through the cases here every day. It seems to me, in the last 6 months or so there has been a definite shift from Shabbey because now a lot of people seem to be getting a 'gesture of goodwill payment'. I don't suppose they can just give everyone their unlawfully levied charges straight away :rolleyes: , but isn't it just embarassing for such a large financial institution - who must know by now that people aren't going to go away - that they will have to pay up ALL OF IT eventually. I guess this is just the crazy dance we have to go through first.


2 days to go before my LBA is sent. :D

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Just sorting out my LBA to be sent tomorrow and I have a question: Do I send it to the Banking Specialist Team who actually responded to my initial letter or a different address?


It was just the basic blah blah blah, we need more time to respond letter. My initial letter was faxed, emailed and posted to two different Abbey addresses (H.O and CS).


Thanks in advance.

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Wow, it's been 6 weeks since I was last here. I've been ill - again.... Anyhoo, in the mean time, Shabbey, just before Christmas, gave me a 'GOGW' to the tune of £600+. The letter re: the complaint came last week and basically said we've refunded you a lot of money (!), charges aren't lawful etc etc.


Now, I haven't responded to this letter yet and I'm still going to court to claim the balance of charges. I'd done so much reading before I knew exactly what to do, but am feeling out of my depth again.


Do I respond to the letter or not as my last letter specifically stated that there would be no further communication before I went to court? If I do respond, what do I need to tell them?:confused:


With regard to court, I finally have all my documentation together as I am on benefits and needed the letters from the DWP. I printed off a copy of how to complete the N1 form, but this seems to be hiding from me at present. Sorry, but can anyone show me the links that I need please.


Finally, whilst all my friends have looked on sceptically and just ask me questions regularly with regard to my progress, they've now taken to giving me news snippets, the latest being that 'they've done something now so that people can't get their money back so you better hurry up'. What are they talking about? I didn't bother asking for details.....


I was so full of gusto when I started, but I now feel deflated and a bit lost. I absolutely need to go to court asap (Monday), but am worried about the GOGW and the court claim now. Help!


Thanks in advance.

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Hello All:(


I did ask this question in my own thread but didn't get a reply. Help!


I've gone through the whole process and issued the LBA. I then got (not offered, just put into my account before I got the letter advising me of this) a GWG from Abbey for £600+ from the full balance of £2k.


I'd like to know where I can find a standard letter template which basically says I got the letter, I got some of my own money back, I will be taking this to court as advised in my LBA with no further communicaiton.


I've been ill:-( , and I've not been in communication with Shabbey since the GWG in late December followed by the letter re: the outcome of my complaint in late Jan. It's been months and I've been slack, so have I made things hard for myself?


I was all ready to go to court, but I can't until I acknowledge the receipt of the GWG and say I'm still going ahead with things. Help!!!:confused: :confused:

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Guest louis wu



I cant find a template for what you need, but something along these lines (obviously adapted to your needs) will probably work. I am no expert, so please use your own judgement as to whether this is acceptable, but at least its a start.



Dear Sir

Re: Unlawful bank charges

I am in receipt of your letter of xxxxxx outlining that you do not agree to refund all my charges however as a gesture of goodwill you would be happy to refund £xxx. On checking my account online I noticed that £xxx had been refunded as miscellaneous charges.


For that I am grateful, but having carried out my own further investigation, I do not agree with your statement that your charges are lawful and do not contravene recent consumer regulations and that The Office of Fair Trading’s announcement did not refer to bank overdraft default charges.


I believe I am within my rights therefore and intend to continue with a claim to the small claims court with the view of reinstating these charges.


I am enclosing a copy of the schedule of charges, a copy of which I sent to you with my original letter of xxxxx, less amount credited by you to my account on the


I require repayment in full. If you do not comply fully within 14 days then I shall begin a claim against you for the full amount plus interest plus my costs and without further notice.

Yours faithfully'

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