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Advise on social media account deletion

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Hello everyone,

I am seeking some advise on a social media site for travellers.


I created account with them over 10 years ago, since I have hundreds of friends and hundreds of personal references. I was very active member since I joined this site and since I promoted the site bringing the traveller's community together. There are thousands of volunteers who actually help building this site and now we are banned. This used to be a free site with millions of members all over the world but it was sold and now bought by a company, who wants to make money by start charging member. If you don't pay, then you are behind the paywall unable to contact your friends. They are also deleting many other members profiles simply as they disagree with them. 


 My profile was deleted because I shared external links in private messages. Like Facebook or WhatsApp links. I can log in to this site by using Facebook, and I can share activities in Facebook but I cannot do this in reverse sending Facebook links to the subjected web site members. They block you as soon as you send a message using external link. I was suspended unable to log in to my account, unable to contact my hundreds of friends and unable to read or respond messages. And now my account was removed, I have lost everything I had in social media network. This site was next to my family and we all had really deep rooted emotions attached with people on the site. It is not only me, many other are suffering the same fate. 


My question is

how can I claim my personal data from them as the site is based in the USA.

Is their any way taking them to the court for this unpleasant punishment by not letting you contact with your friends.

As not everyone in all types of social media.

Any help?


This message was received from them. Since then no other method to contact them. They don't respond. They have all my information and I don't know if they have deleted everything?


"Thank you for following up. I am sorry to say that our team has made the decision to remove your account, due to repeated Terms of Use violations. We have issued you multiple warnings about keeping communication on our platform, and multiple warnings about creating new accounts. Nevertheless, you have continued with these behaviours and so we cannot have you participate on our platform anymore. 

Any duplicate accounts you create will be deactivated immediately, without prior notice. You are advised to use other networks for your purposes."



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Is their statement that you violated their site’s terms of service correct?


a) you posted external links,

b) that this was against their ToS,

c) that they issued you with a warning (or more   than one!)

d) that you continued to do so, and

e) used multiple log-ins to do so, creating new log-ins when a previous one was banned for breaking the ToS)


I’m not saying you did or didn’t, merely that from what you’ve posted, and what you’ve said that they said, that you might have done so……

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