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Ryanair Rebooking/Cancel Due to New Restrictions in Place

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Hi All,


Following on from https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/423601-fast-track-refund-ryanair-full-refund/

Refund for the fast track was only obtained via chargeback


Booked new flights for travel in July 2021 to Malta which are now not possible due to the recent restrictions being put in place (child 12yr and AZ batch number hit)

Went to see what options were available but could not access the booking

Ryanair had blocked me until I repaid the chargeback :-(

30 mins later via Phone call to Chargeback Department they finally admitted that fast track was closed on the date and removed the 'block'


Today I find that the only option I have is to rebook - but when do I know it will be possible to travel again????


I know the CMA is trying to make a case against BA and RYANAIR concerning this aspect (amongst others) but what do I do in the meantime??

I have only a further 3 days before I am 'locked in'


Suggestions please.....



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Posted (edited)

Did you do a chargeback rather than the s75 claim Kyosanto suggested on the original thread?


The way I understand it (and I may be mistaken) with a chargeback the money is actually taken from Ryanair by your bank and returned to you.  But with a s75 claim your bank is basically funding your repayment themselves, not Ryanair.


If your bank did it by way of chargeback then Ryanair will probably consider that you still owe them the money that your bank took back from them, irrespective of whether they challenged the chargeback or not.


This is a major flaw in the chargeback procedure and one of the reasons* it's always better to make s75 claim if you paid by credit card and if you satisfy the other s75 conditions (or just sue the supplier).


Obviously - if what I say above is correct - banks have a vested interest in doing chargebacks rather than s75 claims.  😉


If you asked your bank to do a s75 claim but they chose to do a chargeback - I think however your current problem is sorted out, you should complain to your bank... 


*I have read that people who have have successfully made a chargeback claim are then pursued through the courts by disgruntled suppliers who believe they are still owed money.  Whether this is true or not I do not know, but it cannot happen with s75 which is a stautory right.  Chargeback, of course, is not a statutory right - it's just a generous service provided by banks out of the goodness of their hearts...  🤣


[Sorry I can't suggest anything useful but it might help you understand how this may have happened.]

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Just tried to do a rebooking - what a nightmare......


I expected to pay only for the cost difference between the flights however....


You will also by charged the 'premium' for the seats and Priority/Cabin

This means that you will not get the 'discounted' price available if you were to actually book them online

They did point me to the 'Optional Fees' which only gives the cost estimates - nowhere can you find an actual 'this is what you paid and here is the new cost' - only a 'here is what you now need to pay'

Chat stuck to the Ryanair script - no refund, no voucher, you MUST change or lose it all

Seems that ancillary costs are inflated for 'forced' flight changes



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