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Bristol Street Motors/Black Horse Suzuki Swift - has failed 60days in

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Suzuki Swift Sport 2018 Not Fit For Purpose advice needed please.
28th December 2020 this is the date I took possession of the car.
This car had a catastrophic engine failure resulting in a complete engine replacement.
The car gave no warning of the coolant running out and also no warning oil was low.
On 1st March 2021 the car started blowing cold air. I contacted Bristol Street Motors and was advised to call my local Suzuki dealership as the car was still under warranty. After a brief call to Suzuki Motor house Halesowen, the car was booked in to be seen on 10th March 2021, I was advised to carry on driving the car and to check the coolant and oil were at Max level. 
When I checked the coolant level - there was no coolant in the container (coolant in the car).
I also checked the Oil level in the engine and this was also below the low-level mark, I topped up the oil and filled the coolant container to max. I drove the car for around 20 minutes once I had topped up the coolant and oil, but the car was still blowing cold air.
On Monday 8th March 2021 the car had a catastrophic engine failure. The car was with Motor house for over a month while the replacement engine was fitted. During the time the car was with Motor House. I had to contact them daily requesting a courtesy car and subsequently ended up hiring a car for 2 weeks while Motor House arranged for a hire vehicle as they had no courtesy cars available.
Once the car had been fitted with a replacement engine, I had the car for around weeks and notice that the wash wiper hose had been cut/severed while the engine was being installed and I had to return the car for this to be fixed, this was on 1st June 2021. On returning the car to Motor House, the engineer noticed that the coolant had run down far too quickly and asked me to leave the car with them so they could investigate if the coolant was leaking.
I was given a courtesy straight away, the car was with Suzuki for another 2 weeks.
On 18th June I took the car from Suzuki as they were happy that the car was running to their satisfaction. On 19th June we drove up to Durham from Birmingham and on our journey the car kept overheating. I checked the coolant once we arrived and noticed that is had run down quite a bit , but still above the low level mark, once the car had cooled down I topped up the coolant.
On the following day I checked the coolant again and it was still topped up to the max level mark from the previous day when I had topped it up. We started our journey back to Birmingham and after about 140 miles onto our journey that heater matrix hose blew and all the coolant shot out into the car and below the car in a cloud of vapour. We were just 100 yards from Tibshelf Services and I managed to crawl the car into the car park before the engine cut out.
The car is back at Suzuki Motor House Halesowen and is still there today. I want to return the car as not fit for purpose and there is no way i will be confident driving a car that has had two engine failures.
Please help
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