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    • So you don't actually think they are 'all as bad as one another So why sping the soundbite commonly used by the supporters of the worst when the worsts abusing is highlighted in an attempt to 'normalise' and excuse it?   So you see Johnson as 'a flavour of politics' rather than a lying corrupt ****** unfit for office who is corrupting the very basis of British politics .. even with all the cronyism and profiteering aside?    
    • Ah too late to see your reply.  I called CAB first thing this morning and the advise they have given me are as follows:   - I should not pay anything now - Since they have not given me any cooling off period of 14 days for the contract, as a consumer I have now the right to cancel within 1 year and 14 days. - I write a paper letter (send recorded mail) informing them of this fact, asking for their complaints procedure and whether they are a member of or agree to resolve this dispute using the ADR (alternative disy resolution), and a deadline of 14 days to respond.   They have also passed me to the council's trading standards enforcement office.  An officer has just called me, with the advice that   - I should avoid face to face or telephone contact at all possible.  (Luckily they don't have my number) - Since I have already written to them asking for the detailed itinerary of materials and costs, wait for their response to defend their position - Send the paper letter as advised by CAB - Keep the officer informed of all updates and she will be tracking the case and offer advice - Don't pay anything until the matter is resolved in a satisfactory manner              
    • Just rang NP again this morning for an update.   The case has been passed across successfully this time, however, the sergeant advised the officer on the phone to me, that all cases of this nature that are being passed from AF to NP, or given to NP direct, and just being passed from NP to HMRC "Investigation dept"? The sergeant said I just need to make HMRC aware...   I informed them that my HMRC case is with Tribunal and that it's HMRC that are asking me for an update with the police investigation... but at this point, I don't think NP are even looking into it. They are aware it's a nationwide "scam" however.   After giving them the news re HMRC's latest message re the investigation update, the sergeant advised the officer on the phone to me that a different sergeant responsible for fraud and suchlike may have more info, and so I was told they would ring me back later, rather than keeping me on hold etc...   In summary, I think NP along with all other constabularies are just passing cases to HMRC re this, and not looking into it directly.   PS: I think the reason NP didn't receive the first AF transfer is because it may have been sent to my local constabulary, not NP, given I don't actually live in NP's area.
    • Also - and this is entirely up to you simeon because the counterclaim will be your document and it's you who is trying to win £16,000 - if I were you I think I'd be incorporating your report (or whatever it is - you've missed out the letter head) from Hale Survey Ltd that you posted in #4 in this thread and which they carried out in April 2021.   Doesn't that report and photos illustrate faults in your builder's work and examples of shoddy workmanship?  I would argue the report shows work not done to the sort of standard you would expect from a reasonably competent builder and therefore demonstrates negligence on the part of the builder.  (Now whether that is actually true or not I simply don't know - but it seems to be evidence you have of a job done badly... )   If I were you I would want to make reference to that report somewhere in your particularised counterclaim and I would also want to include it as an additional attachment/exhibit.  Because I don't know the context of that report within the overall saga, you will have to decide where in the counterclaim it goes.  It's part of your story.   (I think I suggested in an earlier post that you contact Hale Survey Ltd again and ask if they could help you in gaining more evidence to suport your counterclaim.  Have you managed to do so?  Just a quick 'phone call?  Even if they could only provide an email saying the work was of an extremely poor standard and not what you would expect from a competent builder might help your case... )   Just remember you have to be happy to stand beside everything in your counterclaim.  It needs to be accurate and truthful to your understanding.  DO NOT include anything in it just because I or anybody else has said to do so.  We aren't familiar with everything that has happened - you are.    
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split tyre after 2 miles

HP Mum

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Had 2 tyres replaced today.  I decided to go second hand, £35/tyre + balancing charge of £16.  Workshop owner gave me the option of cash w/o vat.   So I did.  Which equally meant no receipt.

Drove 1 mile to private sports centre, stayed 1 hour, and then headed to fill tank up.  As I pulled into the garage a random guy pointed at the car and said I had a flat tyre.   So I returned to the workshop. No more than 2 miles driven.

The owner removed the tyre and I could see a split right by the centre metal hub and hear the air gushing out.   He said someone had clearly slashed the tyre.    No way that had happened.  Imo it had been defective.

He and his colleagues were trying to say that it was my responsibility and would have to pay for another tyre.

I stood my ground and did get him to replace it.

But I just wanted to ask - once I left the workshop was it my responsibility for anything that happened?   And cos I paid cash I had no rights?

Or because of the lack of time and distance since they replaced it, they were responsible ?

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“Paid cash” isn’t the issue.


”Paid cash, off the books to avoid VAT, so no receipt ” is the issue.

a) they are dodgy.

b) expect them to deny selling you anything if there is a major problem. Be glad they replaced it, as

c) to enforce your rights, if they denied selling you the tyre, you’d have to persuade a court they had sold you the tyre “off the books”, (as the reason for cash, no receipt) which means you are willing to collude in their illegal actions….

Edited by BazzaS
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Yes Bazza - thats what was going through my mind as I was complaining.   Silly me.

I suddenly realised that the cash aspect was never really my gain - it simply meant he could provide sub-standard goods that - with no debit card payment and receipt - I would find it very hard to prove. 

Paying cash meant I was denying myself of consumer rights.  I was cursing myself.    Saved £17 in vat - but in hindsight it was false economy. 

Now I'm nervous about the quality and gonna have to go elsewhere to get the replacement tyres checked!  Just in case.

The split was really bad.  It was gushing air.  I'm very lucky I didn't drive far.


They were very busy.  And they offered every client the cash option ...

Edited by HP Mum
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I really don't think the denial of any consumer rights you may have had, or even that he offered and you accepted his offer, for cash. Even colluding with him to defraud HMRC.


What on earth possessed you to fit two second hand tyres, whatever they cost. Those two bits of used, cheap, history unknown, black circles of rubber are your only contact with the road. If you drive on a dual carriageway at 70mph these things keep you alive.


My advice, hopefully seen before this gets deleted as sanctimonious, is to get them changed again, double quick, for  brand new budget ones.





We supply leading tyres brands across Premium, Mid-Range and Budget to suit all vehicles and budgets. Buy online and FREE local fitting or low cost mobile fitting.

Not an Advert


Edited by Hammy1962

44 years at the pointy end of the motor trade. :eek:

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