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Yodel have taken my parcel from a collect+ point. @Yodel

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Hello all. 

I'm having a bit of a nightmare with Yodel 


I had an eBay parcel delivered to a collect+ point (CO-OP) on 02/06/21 at 10.21am by DPD. At 13.14pm a Yodel Collect+ driver arrived and put my parcel into the return sack and brought it with him in error. I have CCTV footage that CO-OP provided. The first video shows the DPD driver dropping the parcel off at 10.14. The second video shows the Yodel driver picking the parcel up and walking out the door. 

On Friday 11/06/21 I contacted the Yodel web chat service and chatted with one of their reps. They took my details and gave me a reference number .... They said they  sent an email to the local depot. I have a copy of this script.


I tried to contact web chat again but I've had a mixture of unhelpful responses and nobody recognises the reference number I've been given.  I’ve also emailed [email protected] twice with no reply. I've filled out the claim form and requested a payment to the value of £450. 

How many days should I wait before raising a case and is correct to ask yodel for this money instead of eBay? 

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please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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7 hours ago, dx100uk said:

Ah yes, of course!  I need to brush up on my skills.  Only a few months ago I had to raise a claim against Hermes with the Help of a user called BankFodder on here so I will have a re read of that thread. I did not expect to be back here so soon. 

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evidence.docxGood morning all. 

its probably not a surprise, but yodel are disputing the claim for the following reasons:


·         The claimant has provided video footage which does not evidence any cause of action against the defendant – My footage shows the parcel being delivered by the driver and I also have a delivery conformation picture. The footage also shows the yodel driver coming into the store and then footage of the feet area showing the box. Then the driver leaves the box is gone.

·         It is the defendant’s case that the driver did not take any parcel that was not designated for the defendant.  The claimant has failed to substantiate such allegations.  Not sure what to say to this? I have been told by the staff at the shop that the yodel driver took the parcel and the footage backs this up.

·         In any event any parcels that are taken in error are stored in the defendants lost property and/or returned to the correct recipient. I’ve not had a single response from yodel about my parcel. It’s known that “lost” parcels from companies like yodel are auctioned off so the system must not work.


As my parcel was delivered to a Collect+/Yodel drop off point surely the Collect+ insurance should cover me even if they don’t think their driver took the parcel? Is this reasonable?

I’ve attached some screen shots from the videos and the original videos. 


Watch "DPD Delivery (2)" on Streamable.


Watch "Yodel Removal (2)" on Streamable.



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6 minutes ago, lenny100 said:

i would be reporting this to the police as a stolen item, as it was taken without your consent

Hello Lenny. 

I never thought about it that way. Is it  too late to report something like this as it's been three months? 

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no harm it trying even if you only get a report number it can only help. i think a few more of thses cases were stuff has gone missing with all these companys should be reported it will eventulay get to the stagee were a police investigation would have to take place



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