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Legal, Will and Probate Enquiries

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Note: This thread has been started by Yorky55 and some posts have been moved from another thread. Both threads have been tidied. HB


hy, It comes under Durham.  Up date;  dad was fast tracked 2 days ago to Nursing home. He went to nursing home yesterday. Is very frail and poorly.  They say its a case of hrs or so not days or so.

OK, Im trying to get things prepared before I leave, as no internet up north. 

Question, IHT, I printed off a lengthy IHT form.  IHT205. Now;

1] The total of estate after estemates and actuals takeaway whats owed, will be far less than 100,000.00, probably about 80,000.00.  I asume the cost of funeral, outstanding bills, insurance, will come out of this figure or not.

2] Do I need to send IHT, if so which one? and I use this for Probate? Does the probate costs come from this IHT valuation.

3] The urgent repairs costs, does this come out of valuation

4] Missing items, cant value them?

 now, then will have to pack and go, no internet. Can you offer help as soon as poss please, as just waiting for phone callMany thanks for your help

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I forgot to ask; For the funeral costs and expenses etc, will the banks, let me have some or do I have to wait for probabte?

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Hy Update. 

dad, very poorly, but hanging on. Could be next few days, sooner or early next week. 

I phoned HRT for advice, not a lot they can say, until dad passes. But If the banks released the money [death cert etc stuff] then more than likely wont need to apply probate. It depends on what the levels are for the banks. If not then, probate.

They said its form IHT205 and PA1 for the probate, can down load or they send me. If I do have to probate, i send these forms and all other papers to probate address.

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yes Honeybee13, But ill need to sort the outstanding bills and urgent bathroom repair, to ensure brother stays in property

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