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Lost Laptop sent through hermes booked via Parcel 2 go

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i just had a mediation call, i was seeking £291 including court fee

i explained everything to mediator discussed my consumer right s49 and how they have breached the contract.


also told mediator that laptop was in the list of non compensation items on their website so buying insurance for the item they already say they dont compensate was insane.


they only offered £150 which i declined mediator went back to them and called back and said they haven't increase the offer i said i will take it to court then. she said i will now receive instructions from court.


i am really feeling down now, thought it will be sorted today reading all mediation success stories i was quite hopeful 

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I'm sorry it didn't work out as we expected – but it is not the end of it. I'm afraid that you will not have to wait to the hearing date and put your case there.

However, in the very few cases which apparently have gone to hearing, we never hear back from the claimant and our impression is that the courier company reaches out to the claimant and tries to settle privately and in confidence.

That may well be what will happen here although I can't guarantee it. Don't forget we are here to support you and if you do get some message from them saying that they would like to speak to in confidence then I would suggest that you contact me in confidence on our admin email address and then we can help you off the forum to settle this matter.

It is inconceivable that they would want to go to court to have their insurance scheme tested in this way. I'm still very optimistic that it will settle outside court – but if not then I'm extremely optimistic that you will win.


By the way, I forgot to say – well done on standing your ground. I know means that you didn't get a result at the moment – but you stood your ground and you showed them that you are going to be pushed around. Excellent

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Just thinking as i have seen hermes are better in paying i have seen in some cases. Can i still put the claim on them if this doesnt go successful. 
Do you have examples here where parcel 2 go paid near to full to people ? 

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I'm afraid that we've had so many stories on the forum that I am unable to keep track. I expect that we have but I'm afraid you would have to find them.

It may well be that Hermes are more malleable – I'm really not sure – but please don't be downhearted. Although there is an unwelcome delay, your chances are just as good as they might have been with Hermes.

You aren't looking for them to do you a favour here. You're simply looking to establish your rights. Get into the mindset that they are acting unjustly and against the law and that you are entitled to have your money back.

Get into that mindset and get angry about it.

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i am not able to find a single successful mediation case against parcel2go , however lot of successful stories sorted during mediation against Hermes. i am now bit terrified if i will be able to face them in court as they might have a professional lawyers to deal with it thats why they are so confident and stayed firm during mediation.



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utter rubbish stop worrying.

you'll be fine

stand your ground for full refund . do not give in !!

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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