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Hermes lost my parcel and now they have suggested mediation?

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I returned a parcel via Hermes to SportsShoes.com. SportsShoes.com have never received it.

I have the blue receipt from my local shop to show it's been recorded as received.


Despite countless attempts trying to contact Hermes I couldn't get to the bottom of it so had no alternative but to take it to the small claims court.


Hermes are disputing my claim and suggest going to mediation??!! 


My parcel was worth £349, not a small amount!! 


I have the receipt as proof I dropped it off! Surely I have every right to my money back? If I go to mediation they'll try reduce the amount owed?


Can anyone help please? 

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Please note by reading around the hermes stories on this sub- forum. You will find lots of people with exactly the same experiences you and also your get lots of information about the mediation experience. A few people have read excellent summaries of what happened during their radiation.

There is no need to compromise on mediation – although you may come under pressure to do so. You should certainly accept mediation but be prepared to stand your ground. After you have read the homey stories you will understand much more about it.

Did you bother to get their so-called insurance? Was the value of £349 properly declared?

By the way, you are not the first person using Hermes to have lost an item going to this same sport shoes company.


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No I didn't buy their insurance - this is the first (and last time!!) I have dealt with them. When I've read their insurance leaflet there is nothing in there to say there was any reason I couldn't have just returned it (ie it's not a musical instrument worth loads)


Was the value of £349 properly declared? - can you explain what you mean please?


I have the receipt, surely that's good enough proof??  I'm fuming!! I can't see why a judge wouldn't look on my case favourably?

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I suggest that you spend at least the next two or three hours – or even until tomorrow reading the stories on the sub- forum as I've already suggested.

You will have a much better understanding of the way it goes and you will feel more confident. Then by all means come back here and ask questions. However you will find that pretty well all of your questions have already been asked and dealt with during previous encounters with Hermes

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