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taking car trader to small claims court - help /advice required pls :)

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It might be an idea as a preamble for this, to print out all of the text messages that you have exchanged and also any notes of phone calls. I hope you did take notes of your phone calls because I imagine you didn't record them.

It may well be that over the length of time, you have forgotten various aspects of the story and it would be a good time now to make sure that you have got everything lined up and that you are familiar with everything that he said.

My suggestion would be to print out each text message. It may be difficult to do them on separate pieces of paper but at the end, I would cut them and then paste them into separate pieces of paper with a page number on them – one, two, three – and dates for each one.

I would then create an index for them in an Excel spreadsheet and I would then enter each one by reference number and date and a brief note as to what it says. Use the index sheet as the front page of your bundle of printed text messages. The index sheet will allow you very rapid access to each one as you think it becomes relevant.


I think you will find this extremely useful. It may become very necessary if the matter goes to court and you have to disclose your documents or you have to rely on conversations which you apparently had by SMS.

Also, it will help you go back and refresh your memory and get everything into perspective again because over the period of time I can imagine that some of it has faded.

If you can do this before you even send your letter of claim, this would be a good idea because you could then make sure that your letter of claim picks up issues which may be were unexpressed at the time and need to be laid out now as part of a paper trail

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Noted about the structure of post - thank you. I will ensure this is followed for future posts   No, it is not the same company, just a similar kind of story when I had skim read it, and als

I think dx may have got the wrong end of the stick. You have your own topic, please keep posting here.   HB

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I think you should start again.

The letters of claim that you have already sent have amounted to nothing.

Produce a letter of claim now that states your position and makes some particular important points – including the fact that you have been refused access et cetera. Use some of the points that have been made in the particulars of claim which I suggested above.

I really think you ought to understand that what you've done so far has not particularly helped and I think your to stay in position now and then move forward in 14 days.

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I 100% made notes following phone conversations so that I could look back on it if needed. Unfortunately, my father didn't, however I have his phone log history with the trader (which is quite lengthy) which shows the extent to which he was in contact with him. 


I also have the screenshots of the text messages from my dad's phone, and my phone. I will get the ones from my brother in laws phone too. 


I was going to print them out, as screenshots per page, but the index thing sounds like a very good idea too. It might take me some time to do, so I will make a start on that tomorrow now...


Thank you for all your help :)


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If you look at the advice that we give on organising your court bundle, it will help you refine your understanding of what I have suggested

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