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German car shop in Leicester wont take car back - 8 days after purchase

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I agree that he is probably lying. He won't even want to carry out the inspection that he is proposing and in fact I wouldn't be prepared to allow him to take it for an inspection unless we agree in advance what garage.

I think you've had enough inspections now. You have a failure certificate and I think that is your position.



Thank you for your email today.

I've had enough inspections now and you have had enough time to deal with it.

It is quite untrue that you arrange an independent MOT and in fact the only suggestion that you made was that I telephone some completely unknown person who apparently provides some kind of mechanics service.
I've already pointed out to you that this is completely unacceptable. I'm not going to go over the reasons why again
The car displayed serious faults only six days after I bought it. It's clear that the defects exist and under the Consumer Rights Act the courts will accept that the defect existed even when you sold it to me. It is clear that you have committed an offence under the Road Traffic Act by selling me a car which is in unroadworthy condition and you could be certain that when I have the judgement from the County Court which confirms that, a copy of the judgement will be sent to the authorities for Leicester and we both know that they will be very interested in taking action against you.
It now has an MOT failure certificate and therefore it cannot be driven.
If you are prepared to take the car back then I am happy to let you take it but it will be on condition that you  organise collection and also because I do not trust you, you will have to make a satisfactory arrangement to make a payment of the full purchase price before you take the car away.
The best solution would be that you make a bank transfer into my bank account. If you have some other suggestion to make then let me hear it.
There are no other circumstances under which I would let you take the car away.
I have provided you with all information and I have also given you the timescale in which I shall be taking my own action and eventually that will include issue you with a court claim.

I've already said that I am not prepared to get into any further discussion or negotiation with you.




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Thank you.  So I have appointment with the garage I got report from and second one . 

HB. Your link is not this bunch but to a different firm in Latvia.    Try this one, which even has a photo of Darren. https://www.lawgistics.co.uk/  

Well I'm sorry if you think it better that the OP not be forewarned that she might be asked the question so that she can prepare appropriately.  It's quite clear from the OP's posts that they are quit

Posted (edited)

I have now passed this case on to my solicitors. They will be in contact with you from now on and you can deal with them. Best wishes and kind regards.


He is getting clever now

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Well if it's true then it's good news. Frankly I doubt whether it's true but if it is true then at least that will be the end of the road and threatening messages and there will be proper communication and hopefully they will get some sensible advice about what to do.

Don't reply to it. No need to reply.

Mind you, there are one or two services on the Internet which apparently are meant to help the used car industry. They write crappy letters and try to cite the law to you. You may get one of those. I don't know if it cost them anything – but anyway, whatever you get, post it up here and don't worry about it.

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I m not good to comunicate in legal language .

Actually I dont believe him , probably somebody will be pretenting to being a solicitor 

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Don't worry about legal language. Stop worrying. I have a sense that you are already going into a panic.

As I said, if a proper solicitor starts dealing with it then it would be excellent instead of dealing with cowboys

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Dear Ms Misias,


We are a trade association of which German Car Shop are a member.


They have passed us this case to deal with.


I appreciate that you have requested a response by 25 June but your correspondence raises a number of points which we are investigating.   However, we recognise the importance of this matter to you so will endeavour to provide a substantive response as soon as reasonably possible. 


Please take no action without reverting to us first.



Kind regards


Darren Fletcher

Legal Advisor

01480 455500

[email protected]

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Reply with exactly this message:



Dear Trade Association of Which German Car Shop Are a Member,

Somehow, I don't think so.

Tick-tock tick-tock…


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Yes, and Darren Fletcher is a newbie and has been there only since last year.

It's exactly what we imagined – and yes, they are absolutely wrong to describe themselves as a trade association.

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