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    • I received a Claim Form issued on 19 Jul 2021. The claimant is ParkingEye Limited.    The alleged offence took place on 22/10/2019. The particulars of claim read as follows:   "Claim for monies outstanding from the Defendant in relation to a Parking Charge (reference xxxxxx/xxxxxx) issued on 25/10/2019. The signage clearly displayed throughput University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff - Staff 4, Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4XW states that this is private land, managed by ParkingEye Ltd, and that it is subject to terms and consitions, including auhotisation being required for parking, by which those who park agree to be bound (the contract). ParkingEye's ANPR system captured vehicle xxxxx entering and leaving the site on 22/10/2019, and parking without authorisation. Pursuant to Sch 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, notice has been given to the registered keeper, making them liable for the Parking Charge payable upon breach."   As they claim the PCN was issued in October 2019, I do not recall receiving anything in the post. I did receive a Final notice of Debt Recovery from dcbl, demanding £140. However, it had no reference on the letter so I just ignored it. I logged on to ParkingEye's portal to access photographic evidence and did not manage to find the complete PCN, however, there were just two pictures of the car with a time stamp (please see the attached files). I have copied the parking charge details from ParkingEye's website:   Parking charge details Parking Charge Reference: xxxxxx Vehicle Registration Number: xxxxxx Contravention date/time: 22/10/2019 19:41:52 Contravention location: University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff - Staff 4 Location address: Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4XW Stay duration: 0 hours 30 minutes Allowed duration: 0 hours 10 minutes Status: Open Outstanding balance: £155.00 (Please allow 24 hours after payment for it to be reflected on the balance)   I do not recall parking there, however I may have entered the car on multiple occasions on the day to turn the car around.   I visited the car park yesterday to take some pictures (please see the second attached file)   I have completed the AOS on moneyclaim.gov.uk   I am looking to file my defence based on the following points: The photographic evidence supplied by the claimant does not prove the car parked in the above mentioned car park. It just shows the front and the back of the car with two different time stamps. The notice which states that it is a staff car park is located right at the end of the car park, which is not noticeable as you approach the car park and the board seems fairly new to me, the claimant has not provided any proof to suggest that it was there when the alleged alleged offence took place? As they have allowed a 10 minute grace period, a £70 charge for 20 minutes is unreasonable.   Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thanks a lot. Parking Eye 2-converted.pdf 20210725_232345-converted_compressed.pdf
    • Technology firms are scrambling to add new features but will video calls improve.View the full article
    • Strong demand for houses will last into 2022 as buyers react to the pandemic, says property website Zoopla.View the full article
    • Just need a bit of clarification on this. I run my own online business so I think I've got it right, but just good to have some clarification. I bought some items via ibidder auction site. Typically trade and liquidated items for sale there.  The items were men's fragrances and as I gather, auctioneers skip out of a load of the legal consumer right act jargon (from what I recall). Anyway. Several of these fragrances arrived smashed to bits. I logged it with the auction house with all photo's and evidence, and the staff responding even agreed with me that it was clearly damaged in transit.  Anyway, rather than refund me right away or ask me to return said damaged items to get a refund (as should happen right? After all, they pay insurance for their own benefit, to protect themselves as the sender), they put a claim in without refunding me. It's like they have been waiting for compensation to pay me, and if that didn't happen, it's no money for me.  To stop this getting long, the courier refused the claim because the items they sent were prohibited. Terms state anything made partly of wholly of glass won't be compensated and even so, fragrance rules is no more than 4 per parcel (they sent me around 10). Of course that's not my fault, they are responsible for shipment of goods and if they choose to cut corners, then regardless of it being trade lots, that's on them, not me. They've breached compensation terms of the courier and yet because of them not getting compensation, they wont give me my money back, even though they agreed from the evidence that items were clearly damaged in transit.  My thoughts on this (please tell me if I'm wrong): First port of call as they aren't forthcoming via emails is to put the pressure on them. Truthful bad reviews on sites like trustpilot will surely make them want to do the right thing? (That step is already done, by all means I'm happy to hear that I was wrong or it was stupid).   If that fails then it's down to an LBA, not just for the amount lost out on but also for loss of value of other items in the package (glass, liquid damage to those items reducing the value) and reasonable hours lost where instead of putting into my own business, I've been dealing with them.    The sum is low, some £50 or so. Yet it's the principal. I have to deal with customers day in, day out and if I cut corners by not fully insuring shipments, then it's me who takes the brunt and has to refund the customer anyway, so why should another businesses risk mean I've lost out? Thanks
    • both pages are in the earlier upload LFI   dx  
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Inspection after inspection?

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I currently rent from my landlady and as per the agreement, the property is due inspection every year. Last year, sadly corona virus happened and after arguining with her about people visitiing during lockdown (e.g. to inspect), she finally settled for photos, which i sent and she accepted, this happened in Feb 2021.


It's May 2021, and she wants ANOTHER inspection, but this time wants to come over to the property, which this time I was ok with on the proviso that whoever visits as full PPE on and has proof of their covid vaccines and proof that their NHS Tracking app is clear from infection contact.


This is purely because my parents, in their mid 70's are in the high risk category, I'm in a support bubble with them and quite frankly refuse to risk their health over a spoilt child of a landlord who wants their way.


She's now kicking off as she doesn't' ahve nor wants the vaccine, nor has the NHS app. I didnt think i was unreasonable taking care and requiring certain safety measures, but it appears that she wants her way come helll or high water. Again, tenancy threatened if I dont comply and she has made it clear, she will have someone gain entry with or without me despite the concerns of corona.


Have I got any rights here at all? Especially seeing as she's clearly from India, family too, this has me in a somewhat concerning position. No, I have no problem with her coming, indian or not, but only with the safety measures.


Any advice?




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There is a clash of ‘rights’ here.


You have the right to protect your family’s health.


She has the right to inspect, and the right to refuse vaccination.


My suggestion? Find a solution that respects both. Offer for her to send someone (in person) on her behalf, but they need to be

a) vaccinated (both doses), and

b) wearing PPE.

They can then do the inspection in person, live streaming it by video call to the LL, who can then ‘direct it’.


At least, this shows that you are being reasonable and looking to find a solution that respects both of your rights.

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I’ve just noticed you have another LL problem, where you describe them as being unreasonable and harassing you.


It is for a different issue (so I’m not suggesting the threads should be merged!)

However, given this : do you think things are likely to improve or the relationship deteriorate?

If the latter, should you be considering starting to look for a different tenancy with a more agreeable LL (so you will then be able to move before things completely break down)


Where are you in terms of duration of your lease / notice you’d have to give?


I can see how you might say “why should I have to move?”, but do you see a decent relationship with this LL in your future?

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Thats ok, they are sort of linked. The relationship would be totally fine if everything goes her way. So she can come and go as she wishes, contact me all hours of the day and night etc... I've even tried paying her in advance for the electric (this is when it was down to 3 monthly), but it appears as soon as she got wind of this, its moved to 6 monthly.


I am looking at the moment, but as it's 8 mins away from work (walking) as I dont drive, its ideal.


I did check up on the notice, and despite it being an AST, it's clear about either party can't quit before the end of the fixed term (one year) up in November. it clear that since she's become unemployed, she's become more obcessive? I almost ffeel as if she's semi stalking me, and honestly, it's horrible. 


I can't see this relationship getting better as it's her way or no way. Despite trying to be flexible, it's obviously not flexible to exactly what she wants. it's down to the point now where I literally have told her to NOT phone me at all, and only email me. This was ignored, and she carries on texting (non stop) and emailing me, multiple times a week.


I'm so frustrated. Rent is NEVER late, the flat is immaculate (which Ive demonstrated in photos), and yet that STILL isn't enough >.>

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Posted (edited)

I understand your concern but presumably your parents are a lot less 'at risk' now as they should be fully vaccinated.  It's the unvaccinated who leave themselves at risk - and that's their choice. 



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Vaccinated = lower risk


That isn’t the same as “no risk”.

Are the OP’s parents still shielding / not going out, and what is their ongoing plan?

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Posted (edited)

Of course nothing is no risk but they don't live in the property, the OP is in a support bubble with them so can take all necessary precautions before visits.  There wouldn't be any direct contact between the elderly parents and the LL.  Easy enough to ask the LL to flow test on the doorstep before coming in, result in minutes.  I'd consider a refusal to that unreasonable and fair grounds to refuse admission. 

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  • 1 month later...

Sorry about the late response.


None of the above offers were acceptable by her. A friend of mine reminded me that she might feel vexed as she probably thought I was playing hard-ball due to her being originally from India coupled with the news labelling a variant the Indian variant. It's just a guess, but it's not the case, even the police were told to show evidence when I was dealing with them regarding her. *shrug*


To cut all this short, she's issied me with a Section 21 notice, which has me clamped to a 0 day possible leaving time due to fixed terms etc... I'll start a new thread about that, as she filed a "No Fault" S. 21, so this could get sticky as there's a few gotcha's.


Either way I'll link in this thread and the other one I ahd regarding her other issues.


Cheers for the feedback and help tho peeps!



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