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    • Hi   I assume this mattress was the Tenants own property?   So after moving out the Tenants provided an attachment showing a stained mattress and wanting full deposit back and threatening to claim against you for this.   1. Tenants failed to notify you of this stained mattress issue until the end of tenancy after they had vacated the property.   2. You have no evidence that this was the actual mattress used in that property nor evidence to back up there claim the staining caused this mattress damage.  (i.e. one of them could have had an accident and wet the bed or done this when they moved from the property).     3. Ask them that you wish the mattress independently inspected. (which you are fully entitled to do and if it proves this claim is false it will be added to the deposit claim by you the landlord for damages as well as the Garden if you need to get landscapers in to carry out the work that should have been carried out by Tenants as per Tenacy Agreement and raised  by yourself (Landlord) on a few occasions which Tenants failed to rectify even at end of tenancy.   4. Ask them to provide you with the contact details of there Contents Insurance Company (tenants whether Private or Social Housing should always take out and have Contents Insurance but is up to that tenant) bet they don't provide it Big question is the Deposit protected in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) and those Tenants that have left were given a copy of the Prescribed Terms for that TDS? (Bear in mind you may need to tell TDS that you are in dispute with the Tenant about damages i.e. mattress and Garden)    
    • plenty of time to research and calm down. nothing much to do until the end of june.    
    • well ...... 1st you need to go back to post 1 and carefully read ALL this thread from the start again and pay attention to the advice and the undertones it explains about 'debt'.   2nd ...the truth is you owe no-one ANYTHING, the OC wrote off and sold the debt, and got most of it back against tax and business insurance schemes ...throw the morality card out the window...the OC did by selling the debt on for <10p=£1. and the DCa want the full balance ...id so many fools stopped paying powerless DCA's tomorrow, the whole industry would collapse overnight.   3rd the only reason this is still around your neck is because you failed to follow given advice...had you ..it would now be statute barred.      ^^^ very important research the M+S credit card debacle using our enhanced google searchbox on this page   as for the PAPLOC reply,   D.. desipte a previous CCA requests, the claimant has yet to supply any/all of the required paperwork.   i: delete [CC is attached to this reply form]"   
    • Hi again   Yes, it's been a lovely day weather wise.   Guess you've better things to do with weather like today than help with this problem, so thanks very much for your input, it's very much appreciated.   Late this afternoon I did receive a reply from the tenants, and they are asking me to go 50/50 with getting the garden sorted, not only that, as they have moved away they are expecting me to get the quotes.   Regarding you view on this issue, its so easy not to see the whole picture and my thoughts that the staining damp may be of their own doing didn't occur to me as I was so locked into the historical leak. Taking a closer look at the room in question today, I'm convinced that they are trying it on with the stained mattress- they did mail through a picture and then a receipt for supposedly the mattress. My wife and I then took both the pic and receipt to the bedding store where purchase was made to ask if the two married up, the picture does not show any emblems/manufactures logo or such to prove that this is the case, so we are none the wiser- our thoughts being that the stained mattress is from elsewhere.   A few days back I spoke to our letting agent regarding all of this, as was quite correctly mentioned there are two parts to this equation, namely the mattress and then the property.   Our agents mentioned to me that as an inventory was not carried out initially with the let, (hindsight) the pictures that were used to advertise the property could not be used as evidence to present to the TDS to be compared to the pictures now as there is no proof that the advertising pictures were in fact how the property was when the let started. I mentioned that all digital pictures have a means of finding when that pic was taken- Geo tag/Metadata- agent was quite surprised by this. The agents thoughts then went for a hide in a vacuum-   This is going off at a tangent here-many moons ago my wife studied computer science at a local University, one of her classmates who she is still in touch with is now a practising Solicitor. My wife suggested that maybe I give her a call, a bit rude I guess, but I did  phone and with the pleasantries out the way  I asked for her opinion of the best way to get this sorted. Her remit isn't landlord type stuff, however she will speak to a colleague on Monday and come back to me.   The property is due to be relet on the 21st, we will ensure that the new tenants move in to a home that is immaculate and welcoming, trouble is its getting a tadge close to get the garden issues sorted in time.   I know that all this will get closure in the end, but at the moment I've had more fun with a toothpick-   Again, many thanks.
    • The collection is currently stored at curator James Blower's home, but he has now found a space situated in an old bank premises where he hopes to exhibit them from this autumn or early next year. View the full article
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Santander & a regular Incoming faster payment from USA keeps getting held for "extra checking "

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Hi new here. 


Appoligies in advance if this is the wrong place. 


So I have an issue with my bank.  I recieved a faster payment from a source that iv recieved payments from before Many times before without issue. 


Theve suddenly started withholding my funds with the excuse of its being withheld for extra security checks, its randomly done occasionally and by law we must do so. By law, ok, fair enough but this is now a trend, everytime I'm receiving money from The same source , unchanged always the same, they keep withholding the funds every time. Yet this is supose to be random. 



From previous, payments always credits after 24 hours, my gripe is that why are they constantly "extra checking" these payments when theve always been going in no issue or fine after there checks. Is there not a way they can mark future payments as fine to avoid all this nonsense.  


I hope iv explained this OK. Just very frustrated as I'd planned to take my autistic child out today now I can't, explaining this to him won't go down well. 

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Posted (edited)

Are these international payments?


Could they be triggering an initial “anti-money laundering alert”? (That then isn’t felt needing to be followed up once the initial trigger gets looked at).


In terms of it preventing you going out with your child …. If it is part of a pattern, perhaps plan for that expectation, so then don’t rely on the funds the same day?


You can also ask the bank if they would consider you providing additional “Know Your Customer” (KYC) info regarding you and the source of the funds, to limit the risk of these delays?

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Hello and thank you for your reply. 


Yes these are payments from USA.

( twitch interactive. A fairly well known place. )


What is the KYO what would I say to them? 


The trouble is, some of these payments never get withheld but its been happening alot now, this would be the 6th one in a row to be held at seemingly random. It's incredibly frustrating, the woman on the phone said but u have £xyz in your account which I felt to be personal, I informed her that that money was due to come out for a food delivery on Monday. 



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KYC : not KYO, and not an organisation.


it is information you provide the bank by which they “Know Your Customer”

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Satans Bank - Lets see here. International payments are a higher risk than payments in the UK as they need to be properly vetted.

Whats the amount if you dont mind me asking? KYC can be a bit funky. You could get around the issue I guess with something like Transferwise maybe? 

Dont know what the cost is to send money between accounts between banks and Transferwise? 


We could do with some help from you.


Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group



Receptaculum Ignis


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  • dx100uk changed the title to Santander & a regular Incoming faster payment from USA keeps getting held for "extra checking "

Transferwise, now called Wise, are cheaper than my bank for international transfers, fkoflee. There are quite a few other services available as well.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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i have heard of several UK Youtubers that earn a monthly wage from their online sites are now getting this happening too.

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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The amount was small £70. 


I had this happen several times a bout a year ago. I had maybe 2 payments that went in without checks, then every payment after this has had the " we need to check it " rubbish applied, told me its random and doesn't always happen, they couldn't answer me when i said it was happening for every payment. I did switch to PayPal briefly but they charge me and i now have the infamous " weve limited your account for no reason crap"

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Have you not considered a PayPal Account...?

We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your Topic please PM me a link to your thread

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