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Problems with a A Wright & Son Builders- what rights do we have

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My step daughter got home improvement loan to redo her bathroom.


The builder has turned out to be utterly incompetent, does not turn up any more, we had another builder who came and viewed the work and pointed out the numerous problems but it can be rectified.


Still have a balance to pay on the contract but work is no where near completion, do we have the right to give the builder notice and advice the cost of rectifying his work will be down to him, do we contact the loan company, tradign standards any one else?


Grateful for any help

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I think it will be helpful if you gave us a chronology of events – bullet pointed and also prices, how much has been paid already? And so forth

Also, what's the name of the builder?

Also, was the loan simply a personal loan and you applied the money to the work – or was the home improvement loan made specifically for this particular company and paid direct to them by the loan company.

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Loan was secured on the property specifically for this project

Work commenced Dec 2020

Contract was schedule detailing what the would do total value £10,000

Total paid to date 7,500

Money paid direct to builder loan deposited in step daughters bank

builders name is Danny Burrows, but headed pasper is A.Wright & Sons (builders & Stonemasons)


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Is this them?



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secured loan for building work:crazy:

who's the loan with and is this specifically listed in the agreement on why it was taken out?

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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secured loan for home improvement it was to extend a bathroom, the loan was take out as they didn't have a spare 10k. @bankfiodder yes that them

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  • BankFodder changed the title to Problems with a A Wright & Son Builders- what rights do we have

So I understand that you entered into a contract for home improvements – specifically work on a bathroom.
The agreed price was £10,000 and of which you have paid £7500.
The work started December 2020 – but the builder doesn't turn up any more. I asked you for a chronology but actually you haven't given us very much at all to go on.
Apparently the work is being carried out badly and you have had somebody else have a look at it and they concur that the job has been carried out so far to an unsatisfactory standard.

You really do need to give us a little better timeline. You've been with us for 10 years and you know the kind of information we need.

In order to give the builder notice, you are certainly going to have to do explain why and also give reasonable notice – unless the job has gone so badly wrong and the builder hasn't been around for so long that you can take it that the builder has breached the contract to the point where it is void.
However, so far you have given us this basic information. Once again we need a chronology please – bullet pointed.

I certainly wouldn't want to be paying this builder any more.

Have you had a detailed written assessment of the problems with the work and also what remedial work it needs and a costing?


Just a touch on the point of the finance – I understand that you took other home improvement loan but I expect that this was secured on your property as you have said and then paid directly into your own bank account for you to provide to the builder of your choice.
In that case, the finance company has no particular obligation in respect of the building work.
However you manage to pay by bank transfer – to an account which is not even the builders – Big Fail!

You certainly haven't helped yourself by this kind of arrangement – although I suppose we have a basis for suggesting that there may be some tax question here. Have you had a proper receipt for the money? Do you know the builder is VAT registered?

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There is not much of a chronology, he turns up at random times if he ever did, the simple facts are


  • loan applied for home improvements granted by the bank secured on property
  • Builder details work he will carry out
  • commences work December 2020
  • Outside walls (still unrendered) and roof build March 2021
  • Water disconnected toilet removed March 2021 
  • Toilet installed incorrectly May 2021
  • Builder has not been on site since March 2021
  • Regular requests for builder to attend site since March 2021, builder promises attendance but does not appear
  • After 6 months this job has caused emotional problems for Daughter
  • Mat asked another builder to look at the work done so far he stated the walls need re plastering and the toilet is not installed properly, the bathroom window has been fitted incorrectly, majority of plumbing will have to be re done
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If he hasn't been there since march, how come that the toilet was incorrectly installed in may of this year?


Also have you been communicating with him in writing?

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Well it's very important that we get the serial view of the work here. When you said that the builder has been on site since March 2021 – that made me believe that nobody has attended the site and that no one could been done. Now in fact I understand that builders are turning up. It may not actually be him – but it is a builder appointed by him.

So once again, we need some kind of chronology that gives us an idea of whether the work is still continuing. When was the last time that somebody turned up.

I'm sorry to say that this is a bit like pulling teeth.

I'm doing my level best to try and get the facts from you in order to give you the best advice and it seems I'm having to stumble upon new elements all the time.

Also I asked you if you had had a detailed written assessment of the problems, the remedial work necessary and the associated costs. You haven't addressed this.

I almost feel that you are treating us in the same way that your builder is treating you


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Well that's up to you of course.

I can see that you are upset but all we are trying to do is get a complete picture of what has happened in order to give you advice to challenge the builder and to obtain at least the cost of making good and maybe some compensation as well.

If we were charging you £300 an hour – like the high street solicitor might, I'm pretty certain that you would give them what they needed PDQ in order to save money.

The help and advice we give here is completely free of charge – but there is no need for you to consider that it is any less valuable to you.


If you change your mind and decide you'd like some help to get things sorted out, then we are here for you – but we will need to understand the whole story.

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