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Fraud on a Barclays partner Finance Assigned to Hoist unknown CCJ

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thanks for the assistance and help.


Letters being prepared and will update when i get anything more back 

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After being ignored by Hoist via email and letter , i advised i have reported to Ombudsman via email three days later  i have received a letter saying they have applied to the Court to set aside the CCj.


I am chasing for compensation for ruining my credit file for 3 years due to the fact i cannot get a loan when i need one due to this.  


Also figured out who did  this and how they got away with it , and it would have paid off for them if LLoyds hadn't swapped their branch with TSB 

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Good news looks like CCJ has been removed as its coming off my credit report according to Clearscore.


Done further investigating into this and it seems it was done by either my ex wife or somebody she was with at the time , DSAR on Barclays but im having a hard time getting any info from them.


DID a DSAR on all my bank accounts and found that she set it up to come out of my bill paying account which had 20 + direct debits at the time , I never twigged I must have presumed it was Car or House Insurance .


She would have got away with it if i hadn't  closed that bank Account down and just cancelled all DDs on there as I had moved abroad with work.


Can i claim against DD Guarantee , have put a complaint in with my bank but they have been sending all the post relating to this to my old address even though they got it right on DSAR and the form i filled in online has my new address on it , I presume this is a breech of GDPR as well.


Or can i claim the money back from Barclays ? they have had 18 months of payments at about £45 per month 

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