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GP Negligence prescribed sleeping pills which caused urine retention and an indwelling catheter to be put in - Quality of life ruined by GP negligence!!

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4 hours ago, linzie said:

Does complaitn need to be raised to the hospital being made to wait 6 hours plus in A&E given my brothers age, dementia, with blood passing through the catheter into the catheter bag. After bloods taken being told to wait for Dr to arrive to bladder scan urine levels in bladder before/after catherer removal but no scan was done no dr showed up. Nurse came removed the catheter. Patient went home, overnight urine rentention happened again. Back to hospital for urine drainage with catheter and a new catherer put inside patient but no bladder scan done again to check if bladder completely empty or if the bloody urine or any debri left in bladder.



Sorry, what bit are you complaining about?.


The 6 hour wait in A&E once the catheter was in?. What would you have preferred instead?

(If they'd sent him home with the catheter in? - would you then be complaining that they didn't give him a trial without catheter.....)

If they'd waited less time? would you then be complaining that they removed it too soon, and the retention was bound to recur?


I've answered already about the bladder scan (or lack thereof).


It seems to me that your current mindset is that they are "damned if they do, and damned if they don't"


For the hospital, why not approach PALS? again, not as a complaint, but wanting to understand what happened ; if you calmly ask questions you may find they help you come up with the right questions, for you to get answers (and it might even turn out you then find you don't need to complain......)

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HB, you called?   For there to be medical negligence there must be: a) a duty of care, b) a breach of that duty of care, c) harm resulting, and d no intervening act or e

The CCG (for out of hours or secondary care) or NHS England (for primary care, within hours) are the commissioners.   The Commisioners can look at an initial complaint (as can the practice),

Hi   Does the relative that you state has Dementia had that formally diagnoised by the Hospital and not just a GP at the Surgery saying it?   What is the name of the Sleeping Pills

Posted (edited)

Hi BazzaS, I wasn't in a good mood when I wrote post 47. I read your post feeling the same way as you, first step find out what happened behind the decision to use sleeping tablet X and if it was noted in the records or not by the Gp.


Lets get an explanation and medical records first then go from there.


This is the letter I have written requesting an explanantion.


Please can you provide an explanation why GP1 (name here) on xx/xx/xx, GP2 (name here) on xx/xx/xx and GP3 (name here) on xx/xx/xx prescribed (medication) to my brother? What was the rational behind the prescripton?


Is this letter good enough does it need tweaking?


Is a cover letter needed that your writing on behalf on a relative to request an explanation the surgery might refuse under GDPR regulations

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I mentioned this earlier in the thread and I think BazzaS did as well.


You can't just write to the surgery and ask for information on your brother. It would be like me writing to your GP and asking about your medical records.



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Illegitimi non carborundum




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Is this good enough for cover letter requesting data on brothers behalf


Consent form

(for another individual to gain access and / or to discuss my medical record)



Patient details

Patient name



Date of birth













I am a patient of Medical Centre and understand I need to give consent for another individual to have access to my medical records and/ or to discuss my medical requirements. I understand the contact details of the individual will be recorded on my medical record.


Signature of patient/ guardian:

Relationship to patient:





Contact details for the individual who I wish to grant access

Full name



Telephone number



Relationship to patient




Then the letter below goes with the consent form

Subject Access Request Access


Date of request XX/XX/XXXX

To: F.A.O. the Practice Manager. Milton Medical Centre

Please accept this as a formal request for ALL DATA whatever format you may hold this in whether it be written, computerized etc. relating to (insert full name, Date of Birth, Full Address).

If any records are redacted could you provide clarification as to why this has been done and under which parts of the Data Protection Act/General Data Protections Regulations you are relying on to do this. If you redact any of the record please could you provide a summary of what you have redacted?

Yours faithfully

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Then for requesting explanation for the medicine, send the same cover letter but with a letter requesting an explanation


Please can you provide an explanation why GP1 (name here) on xx/xx/xx, GP2 (name here) on xx/xx/xx and GP3 (name here) on xx/xx/xx prescribed (medication) to my brother? What was the rational behind the prescripton?


I'd like to get both the medical records request and letter for explanation for medicine tweaked this weekend then send to Gp

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Yet again : does your brother have capacity to sign such a letter?. If not, it would be a nullity - as if it wasn’t signed.


I’ve already explained this previously.

it could be as simple as the practice asking him what his wishes are … what do you think would happen?

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I haveh ad a good re read of your Topic and do agree with BazzaS  that you need to take a step back from this and I can appeciate that you are not happy with the treatment that your relative has been given due to the sleeping pill being prescribed.


You mention the wait at the hospital of over X hours but you do not say if this relative went to a certain department with a GP letter or whether this was via the hospital A&E Department.


If it was via the Hospitals A&E Department you need to bear in mind the following:


1. This was during COVID-19 and protetions will be in place to protect both Medical Staff and Patients coming to A&E


2. The A&E Department will Triage every single Patient coming to that Department as to who needs instant medical treament to those who can wait a certain period but as this can be a fast flowing Department the Triage System can change minute by minute dependent on the amount of Casualties/Patients they have to treat.


IMO you need to approach this from the beginning as to why your relative was prescribed that specific medication with there medical condition and that GPs reasoning at that time. (was this fully discussed with that relative at that time, as you say they have capacity to sign a letter, did they understand what the GP was saying at the time about this medication and did they agree to the GPs decision to prescribe this medication if they have capacity and were the possible side affects explained)


My concern is you state they have Dementia then state they have capacity to sign a letter but we are unaware of what type of Dementia the relative has i.e. is it early onset Dementia as you need to be very careful if they have memory loss issues with stating they have capacity to sign a letter when there is no Power of Attorney nor Deputyship in Place for that relative.



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From my reading of it, the 6 hours wait in A&E was 6 hours after the catheter had been sited, not a 6 hour wait to be treated.


There are a multitude of possible reasons for this delay, indeed : it might have been part of a deliberate treatment plan.

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