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    • First of all, liability is completely with the seller. Not only that, because the seller assessed the situation and specified a particular solution for £2034, that is all you should have to pay even though it now turns out that the equipment you need is more expensive. In other words, there is no reason why should have to pay a single penny more than the original agreed or expected price. A contract is an exchange of reasonable expectations. Lumb expected to receive £2034. You are expected to receive a solution to your glass washing problem. He did not contract for a specific machine. You contracted for a specification which you were informed by an experienced professional would satisfy the needs of your business. You paid 100% – but you received in exchange less than 100%. Even though the required equipment might be more expensive than that which was specified, if that's what it takes to provide the solution that was promised to you by Lumb, then that's what you are entitled to get and you shouldn't be required to pay any more for it. Please let me know if this is getting a bit too technical in legal terms. I understand that the moment that you don't have an adequate glass washing machine. Clearly for the sake of your business, you need to get this issue resolved quickly. If you hold out and have an argument about money which has to be paid or not paid et cetera then you may well find yourself several months down the line without the last washing machine that you need. You may well find that you will have to sue Lumb on the contract that you made. Obviously you are better placed than me to understand what you need and what you can afford, but I would recommend that the best thing to do is to pay whatever Lumb demands at the moment in order to get your existing glass washing machine exchanged for the model which addresses your needs – and effectively provides you with the solution that you paid for in the first place. Then afterwards, sue Lumb for the money back. We'll be happy to help you. I would rate your chances of success at better than 90% in the County Court. An added advantage of this is that once you have the new machine in place, you will be able to assess its effectiveness and its adequacy to your needs – on the off chance that also has been under specified. Handling it this way will have the advantage that you will have a new machine installed probably in a week or so, you can get on with your business, and then you can embark on a reasonably cheap piece of litigation because the amount of money that you will be suing for won't be too great. The alternative will be to stick with your existing machine, having to put up with the inconvenience et cetera and then eventually suing Lumb for a much larger figure – the value of the replacement machine. An additional advantage would be that if you are suing for smaller sum, then it is much more likely that Lumb will put his hands up and pay you out because it simply won't be worth his while digging in on a dispute with only a few hundred pounds. Of course you can't guarantee this. Some people take this kind of thing personally and they try to resist even though it makes absolutely no business sense at all. If you want to do this, then you possibly need to flag up to lump that you're prepared to go along with what he is insisting but also make it clear that you're not happy about it. You certainly shouldn't sign anything that says that you agree this in settlement of all disputes. Or anything like it. If you end up being presented with something like that then let us know. But probably that will mean that you will have to sue for the new machine with all the business inconvenience that that entails.   Of course if you feel that you need to retain a good relationship with Lumb because of possible future dealings, then you may need to consider your entire approach to this problem. Another part solution might be to threaten Lumb with an action for all of the excess costs of the new machine plus the engineers visit – and then back down and agree to pay the entire cost of the new machine as well as he will forgive the engineers visit. This is a compromise that Lumb might find attractive because he will be able to save some Face. Often it's all about Face. Frankly if you think you don't need the guy in the future then I would be going for the lot – but you know your own business interests better than I do. Does this make sense?  
    • Ok another update and its all rather confusing, ive been trying to work this out for hours now and I cannot make any sense from it all.   Apparently the meter was put in on the 1st of April, I was sure it was July. However what makes sense is that I gave a reading in August, which I thought was for the month but it was for the quarter. I must of written it down wrong for a monthly reading, when it should have been written down as a quarter reading. I may have wrote the date down wrong when to read the meter.  However I do know that I contacted bulb a week before the meter went in, that I am very sure of. Which would of been about the 27th, They have it registered that I gave a reading on the 29th of March. However they have an opening reading from the 12th of March.    Im confused with that date as I know I contacted them a few days before and they put the meter in as an emergency and was definitely done the following week. Despite my memory being shot at the moment I do have some dates written down and the date of the change is on my meter. However its a little hard to read, it does look like the 1st of the 4th but it can also look like the 1st of the 7th. I was with 2 previous companies so July would make better sense. I moved into the property mid January, EON was the provider and I changed that within the first month so would have been February, then I went with OVO and changed them as they couldnt provide the normal meter for about 6 months at the time so changed to Scottish power. I know I was with them for at least a month before I contacted Bulb as they also couldnt change the meter to a credit meter.    So April doesnt seem to fit here. Im still trying to find any paperwork I might have to verify all this but I know everything was done via phone and online. I wish everything went back to paper bills, it was so much easier to try and trace back.    Anyway they have done a closing account for the prepayment and im a little confused at this.   The charges from the 12th of March 2019 to the 4th of April 2019 are £376.91.     Now I know that there is no way I put this amount in the prepayment meter. I had no heating on in that month, I remember it was such a mild Spring and I rarely had any heating on as this bungalow is very well insulated. The most I topped up in just one week was £25. So how they can justify that amount, I cant even guess.    Im worried they will use this amount to estimate my usage. I still cant get to read my meter, even if I stand on a ladder as its so high up and it just looks like a bunch of zeros, Ive even taken a photo but it still looks like a bunch of zeros, even when blown up. It was hard to balance on a step ladder as it was with one hand trying to take a photo, so not the best.   Ive managed to get into a link they sent me, its a portal. The balance is showing nil owing. and there are no statements showing.    So basically all they have sent is a closing balance on the prepayment meter and log in details for a portal with zero balance. Ive requested the meter be read. Which I keep asking for, but my landlord will come and try read it for me so I can send it.  Im just worried when I do im going to get such a large bill I cant pay. These people just seem so elusive on what I should do despite asking these questions. The only answers im getting doesnt seem to make any sense.    I know its partly my fault, I should of kept at them, but its not been an easy couple of years. 
    • But they added £60 on top of the £100 before court costs Thanks though, how do i file a defence , do i do it by hand?
    • If the hire purchase agreement ends in your husband's name then it will be your husband who will have to bring any complaints, bring any legal proceedings – et cetera. Write to Blue Motor Finance in the way that I have suggested. Point out that you have asserted your rights under the consumer rights act to reject the vehicle and that is the end of the matter. Tell them to start making arrangements to refund your the money and tell them that you won't stand for any nonsense. If you have pointed out to them already tell them that there will be legal proceedings unless they sorted out extremely quickly. What have you done to get rid of the car? If you've got Blue Motor Finance's prevarication in an email that that is excellent and you will use that against them. This thread has already been tweeted out to them and they will see the tweet on Monday and they will understand that they are been discussed on social media – and that it doesn't look very good. I'm sorry to say that you have to keep the pressure on very hard. You expect this of these kind of car dealers. You don't expect it of a regulated finance company – but am afraid that some of the poorer ones do act like this all too often. You can certainly call them if you want. What you definitely want to see what a reference number and if you call them tell them that it is a complaint. You can also tell them that they are been discussed on social media. Please keep us updated. I'm afraid that this is unlikely to be the end of it.  
    • So got the official judgement  sealed on 15th June , but refers to handed down 9th June    doesn’t say when to pay by - is it 14 days of the 9th or 15th (to stop any enforcement) or 28 days from 15th or 9th to stop it appearing on credit file ?   also I’m hoping it’s the legal jargon -    bur says each defendant is to pay  £25,000 and interest £1644    I know I brought his up before , but it’s just legal jargon for each defendant is liable to pay for the £25,0”” and £1644    rhey don’t actually order us to pay 54,000 for a  25k claim ???!!    
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Systemic corruption - end of my tether

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The email I have quotes the older of the woman at the meeting, who has clearly lied. In the context of the whole situation there has just been so much underhand stuff. I think 'corrupt' is fair. The consequences of this lying are not small.

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Posted (edited)

I am now five years into a set of escalating complaints procedures which began with the appearance of a violent antisocial neighbour. I am signed sick long-term, on ESA, and live in a council bedsit. The situation was very badly handled by the police and the council. I wrote about it here in 2016. I wouldn't expect anyone to wade through that too but I will link the thread in case soeone does want to read or skim it.:



What transpired afterwards has been deeply shocking, though I should probably not have been surprised. I have found without doubt that the Housing Ombudsman, the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, the IPCC, Kent Police's 'Professional Standards' department and its office of Crime and Police Commissioner are all entirely corrupt - 'inept and dishonest' would be far too much of an understatement. I don't doubt that these bodies sometimes contrive to give the appearance of finding in favour of a member of the public, but of course they have to, for appearances and to retain a venner of being legitimately funded by the public.


I have googled this and am aware that very many members of the public have found the same, which is to say that techniques of stonewalling and cherry-picking of details are used by these supposed watchdog-like bodies. You can see evidence of this on review sites like Twustpilot. There are Facebook groups about ombudsman corruption, and I have from time to time taken some kind of short-lived strength from communicating with people who've been through the same kinds of thing. The ombudsmen and watchdogs of these kinds exist primarily ot cover up wrongdoing. Proper scrutiny would show thatis fact.


This week I received my final decision from Kent Police's Office of Crime and Police Commisioner and it has been the same thing again, of missing out important strands of argument, stoewalling and letting provable lies stand. Last year I put letters through more than half the locla solicitors' doors asking for help, but seemingly the safe days of dealing with probate and the like are what they're after. I have had almost no replies, and the ones I did receive brushed me off.


In 2019 I had two batches of eight sessions of counselling with someone who deals with victims of crime. I made it clear that the crime i'm a victim of is fruadulent bheaviour of the police and local government. THe counselling did help for a time, and potentially has moved me on. I want to leave the town I've lived in for 48 of my 50 years because I cannot consent to Council Tax when its recipients are guilty of sustained institutional abuse. I am thinking of trying to weather being homeless somewhere, but doubt I could survive. But here I am angry and exhausted every day. I feel trapped, because I am. People seem to be able to turn a blind eye to this knid of thing, and I understand that - I needed it to happen to me to properly feel it. As a result I never have any trouble believing the news now when it comes ot corruption, particularly of the police. It is only knowing that women and people from what have bene called 'BAME' backgrounds suffer worse that stops me losing the plot entirely, in other words I am not going to play down what I've suffered and lost but I d ohave perspective. This perspective gets nobody off the hook.


I feel forced to say that I 'am not coping well' with all this. I would prefer to say that 'I can't cope'. It is too much, the strain, exhaustion and anger that is seldom abated in me. I imagine a period of relief during the best parts of summer, especially if I'm able to sell some things to fund a cheap break by the coast, which has been a life saver every summer for the last five years.


I've gone through all the proper channels, I've written many dozens of letters, I've been pulled into a farcical dialogue with my MP who has shown his allegiances and whose letters are self-contradictory in the same transparent fashion of his colleague the Prime Minister's attempts to jolly his adoring public along while lying.


Other than leaving and one unmentionable option there seems to be nothing I can do. It seems I'm meant to accept this. I have seen undeniable proof that a country held to be democratic absolutely is not. No legal aid available and all the ombudsmen and watchdogs and internal procedures are provably corrupt, and on top of that provability what is undeniably true is just dimissed.


I will blog what has happened to me and leave the URL around town. I would hope that if nothing else I can help empower others in my town who are being similarly vicitmised, who are similarly struggling. I wrote to journalists, even ones of more extreme politics than mine, to no avail. I will state everything on my blog about the police and council, even where it is open to leading to legal troubles. No one should be afraid to tell the truth. If threats are made about slander/ libel then I'll invite them to take me to court.


Can anyone comment on this? Is there a way out I've not seen?


Note: I know that as well as some being of a political hue that would make them sympathetic to my abusers, some additionally would find my situation hard to believe - more than five years ago I would have glazed over, myself - and some will be dismissive. I am past caring about this sort of thing and am too old to be troubled by someone venting safely on the internet. But I would be interested in and grateful for well-intentioned comment from people who know the lay of the land. I would add links here regarding ombudsman corruption and the like but there are absolutely dozens of substantial sites and forum/ social media threads that any search engine would throw up for anyone interested, including interested in challenging their own assumptions.

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  • dx100uk changed the title to Complicated Housing Benefit issue - very flawed conduct by council

In my view it's a mistake to combine my two threads, and it feels at odds with what I'm trying to achieve and the focus of my newset post, which is five years later. It also makes the thread seem unwieldy. I am writing now specifically about corruption and its effects on me. In 2016 I was merely in the dark and anxious. Now I know almost too much and the situation is a serious threat to my health. Can we please arrange to have the threads re-separated.

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If you want to delete your account then it's not a problem. Simply send us an email message to our admin email address.

In respect of the language you're using, we are not happy about it.

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I've asked  admin twice and I'd already said I didn't like what you'd done with merging two threads which though they are interrelated are about a separate concern. I'm under enough stress because of what's happened to me, and where you purport to be some kind of supportive forum the way you've carried on with me makes the situation worse. I've been a quiet and patient person for decades and it's got me nowhere, just as following prcedure has got me nowhere. There are also peopl eon this forum givng false and glowing opinions of things like ombudsmen when they are just another limb of corruption.


Can yoy delete my thread and account please and think twice about messing with people's presentation of thei issues.



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