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Power of Attorney or Deputy


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Hi Yorky


If your Dads Social Worker is in Hospital themselves during this contact both the Social Work Department and explain urgent situation and that you urgently require a new Social Worker appointed to your Dad and also the Hospital have a Social Work Team that should be liasing with you as well due to the pallative care and possible move to nursing home.


I don't sat this lightly but you may need to be very firm with both about your Dad EOL to sort this out to move him to a nursing home with pallative care and the urgency also at the same time you ask them about funding for this so you know.

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hy, not sure if made myself clear, dads SW isnt in hospital, I meant to say I need to find out who the allocated SW is, reference to Hospital SW for discharge into care home. NO one has told me who it is?

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Hello Yorky, so sorry it's working out this way for you and your family, like Honeybee I'd like to send a virtual hug to you too.


In terms of funding, do take a look at the attached:


If you are approaching the end of life, you may be offered care in a variety of settings. The palliative care team will organise for you to be cared for...


Particularly the part about NHS Continuing Healthcare. I think in many cases, NHS CHC will cover the first weeks of care in any case, though I would always advise checking.


Regarding the social worker, as well as chasing the hospital, would it be worth contacting your dad's local council/adult social services to find out more (think you said Durham previously)? They must know how it all works even if they don't know exact details of who your dad's social worker is... they may also be able to advise on the funding situation.


My thoughts are with you x

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Ok as of this moment. Hospital just phoned, dad will be moved to Nursing home very near the  there bungalow village. Either to day or tomorrow. He isnt to good, not responsive, not eating or drinking, refuses, very agitated, confused. obviously skin and bone now.  Another nurse will phone me in an hr time to give me more details and SW name??

My understanding is, that NHS continuation of care extending to Nursing home EOL care plan, started whilst in hospital, there should be no cost. I dont think we have that long to go now.

when the time comes, and i get a call, I will leave to go up north, arrange funeral etc and sort paperwork, sort Probate, try to get the re[pairs done, look after my brother, I will have 2 months off work [unpaid] longer  if needed. I need to do a load of paperwork, before I send to probate.

Im trying to sort out the home bills at moment. not paid since feb 2021.  brother is still getting sorted with his PIP stuff and benefit, I was supposed to get a copy of the assessment, which I still havnt had yet.

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Hi Yorky. Hugs again, I know what you're going through and it's tough. Stay strong.


I suggest you start another thread General Legal about the probate aspects.


I can tell you that if you take in a death certificate and a copy of the will then the bank should be able to fund the funeral from your Dad's account, in my experience directly paid to the funeral directors.





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