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    • In light of Dixons update on his thread, does this mean that I am now further ahead in the process now?
    • I have received a claim for repossession of my property due to mounting arrears £30,197 and failure to pay the current monthly repayment £2289.Since receiving the court order (Court appearance is  set for 11Oct ) I have secured a new job (contracting -Self Employed) which will allow me to pay the monthly repayment and the arrears which is the threshold payment of £2439 pm. I have spoken to the bank previously  re options available ie switching to an interest only mortgage for a couple of years etc so that I could repay the arrears they refused this. I have also discussed using my future pensions (current value £600k) though this is not available for another 2 years again refused. I have been in contact on 9/8 with Ascent  (the banks solicitors) and discussed the situation with them, went through a budget review, including the fact i was starting a new job the following day and that I'd only be paid monthly, they asked if I could make the monthly payment £2289 on the due date 2nd of each month, I told them no because I'm only paid mid month they said they would take note of this potential payment agreement & If I could contact them mid month sept and possibly we could come to an agreement with option to put an SOP. I told them other options left to me would be to sell my property which would mean upheaval of the family but would be better than the repossession, they said this is not something they would want us to pursue - I don't see an option I would rather pay them their 300k mortgage and take the 600k equity. wife is totally against selling but i don't have many options - Any Advice welcome I am completing the court claim forms online, there is a section,  Have you paid any money to your mortgage lender since the claim was issued? I have entered the total amount as it won't allow me to state 3 payments I made over different dates - is this ok ? Have you come to any agreement with your mortgage lender about repaying the arrears since the claim was issued? I have said no as yet due to an agreement can't be made until I call mid sept but i calculate that i would be able to pay the  2289.17 and the Additional £150.04 in monthly arrears until the end of the mortgage term (13 years) any advice? completed the budget including debt loans etc which is all straight forward. in the section Circumstances which have led to your being in arrears i have stated Loss of employment- mental health affected wanted to commit suicide sought help from GP, avoided Medication.Unemployed for 1 year- all my savings 23k used to pay household Bills & Mortgage. Became self-employed started contracting ie xxxxxx plc, xxxxxx plc, employment affected by Coronovirus (Covid-19)Affected work options took employment during pandemic with NHS , have continued to take employment further afield from home i.e. county of xxxxx, county of xxxxxxxx , in order to obtain a higher salary to meet financial obligations.  Assisting one child in University. Family stress has been influential on Marriage separation. any further advice would be helpful trying to seek legal advice before i click on Statement of truth  
    • @BankFodder heya hope you are well. I was just wondering if you think this letter (apart from the 7 days thing) is okay to be sent off? 
    • Cost of living: How are people feeling about rising prices?View the full article
    • As you say, a similar company to DRP - another third party with no power to do anything.   Hot air from paper tigers.   Laugh at them then ignore.
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