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Lots of DCA letters, looked at Credit File, don't recognise the debts there.

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I’ve been getting debt collection letters from a number of different companies but I don’t recognise any of them. I signed up to one of the credit rating agencies to find out who I owed money to. But that didn’t help. It just lists the debt collection company and the amounts they say I owe them. The amounts are staggering.


now I was caught out once before by a debt collection agency saying I owed money but not who to and I just paid it. It wasn’t till after this that I found out that some agencies just send letters demanding payment for a non existent debit.


On my credit report it says I owe money to the debt collection agent but there are no records of any original debt.

no unpaid loans or credit cards. 
so what do I do?


I had a serious brain injury so I have memory problems and some untreatable mental illness.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Start off by listing the DCA's and the amounts please

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When a Debt Collection Agency (DCA) is assigned the debt after purchasing from the original creditors, they will add the debt to the credit record replacing the previous entry from the original creditors . The debt should be less than 6 years old from the date you defaulted making payments.


When you receive letters from a DCA, they should state the name of the original creditors you had the credit card, loan, overdraft or other debt with.


Do you still have the letters from the DCA's ?  If so, please provide details of the DCA, the original creditor named and the debt amount. If not, your online Credit Record history should contain information.


Never throw away any letters you receive from DCA's or Banks etc where they concern debts you owe. The letters may contain useful information.


Have you moved address since getting into debt ?  Did you provide your new address to all companies you owed money to ?

We could do with some help from you.



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