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    • Hi All Sadly I don't feel like an expert yet, but I should be!!! I will certainly post everything - original Parking Charge letter etc and answer as many questions as we can, when my son gets back from the weekend.  In the meantime I will upload the Debt Recovery Plus Letter - we have received a couple of these.    Debt Recovery SS.pdf
    • Yes Thanks a lot. So far no agency or police has contacted me. I have also been shopping honestly with the help of a psychologist. Thank you all for your advice and comfort in this post, which helped me get through the darkest times.  
    • Who is the insurance company?  They sound terrible.     Whilst I can understand that asking if he had any alternative cover* that would be more suitable in the circumstances might be a reasonable question, I can't for the life of me see what business it is of there's to ask why he cancelled his previous contents insurance or whether or not he's recently had an operation.   I presume that when he bought the insurance and they took his money they weren't interested in why he'd cancelled his previous insurance or whether he'd recently spent any time in hospital, so why would they need to know now?   I'd be inclined to write back to them and say you've supplied all the information necessary to make a claim and that if they don't pay up you'll be making a formal complaint and will take it to the ombudsman if necessary.  But before doing so, wait to see what others suggest.   *When they asked him if he had any alternative insurance cover he should simply have told them that he didn't - which would have been true.  But by volunteering too much information he may have unintentionally made the circumstances look "suspicious" to the insurance company.
    • My son's bike was stolen on a trip to London.  He had locked it for 12 hours to a bike rack, using an approved lock and through the frame.  Bike rack is covered by two sets of CCTV. The bike insurance was taken out two weeks ago. The insurance company are being extremely difficult because the theft has happened within two weeks of taking out the policy. They asked my son if he had any insurance that would cover it and he said he didn't but had had home contents insurance back until January which he cancelled due to having an operation.   The insurance company are trying to imply that he was neglectful or couldn't afford that insurance, cancelled it, and took out cheaper insurance for his bike. They have asked for proof of his operation. The operation took place in February.  The first insurance was cancelled in March. The new bike insurance was paid for in early May and covered the bike from the date it was paid for. The trip to Glasgow was booked in April, my son stayed at a hotel booked in April, researched for "secure" places to lock bikes (with CCTV), emailed hotels asking if they had secure places for bikes. The bike was insured during my son's stay in London.   The insurance told my son that if he didn't provide proof of his operation back in February (three months before the bike theft and three months before the new cycle insurance was purchased) they would refuse the claim.   They have also said that they believe he cancelled his home insurance because he "couldn't afford it" and bought cheaper insurance to cover the bike.   However he has never said this.  He travelled to London and stayed in a fairly expensive hotel for 1 night which would disprove that hypothesis.   The insurance company keep ringing him up and saying they are recording the call.  I suspect they are fishing for things he will say during the telephone conversation for them to go away and analyse and refuse the claim.   I am feeling very upset by this situation.  My son loved his bike, he had it for 7 years and because of his illness he can't get a driving licence so it's his only form of transport and helps greatly with his condition (managing long term mental health by going for relaxing bike rides).  I understand that the policy is very early in its inception (purchased less than 3 weeks ago) but the bike is still covered.   Any tips or advice, please?
    • Dx I won't be leaving it till the last minute for the OH, she wouldn't let me for a starter.  I'll get on reading further.
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Mostyn v Lloyds


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Hello friends,


I have found myself in a situation of difficulty - a lot my fault, some beyond my control. As a consequence I have been using the financial facilities promised to me to a greater degree. After many years of paying an account charge of £10 per month (so not having a subsidised free bank account) I am so disappointed to find that Penalty charges have been automatically assigned to my account at a time when I could not cope with it.


On Friday, 1st Dec 06, three DDs were returned and moments later cash was available in the account (within OD limit) to be able to have honoured the DDs.


The automated letter I have received today, not from my branch, lists the 3 DDs and infers that I will be charged. On the reverse of the letter is the statement "we normally charge £35 for each item of £10 or more we have not paid." listed under bank charges. One of the items is for £10.54, DD for TV license.


This means that this simple automated process, that would not have been necessary had everything been reconciled at the close of business, will cost me a penalty of £105.


I am sure that this was not necessary and certainly does not cost anywhere near this amount to administrate as a batch like this.


I have read a lot of the recommended 'read firsts' etc. I believe that my bank that I have been loyal to and paid for service from has done me wrong.


Today, 4th Dec 06, I decided to visit the bank and speak to my account manager and discuss my account. She was a very cold person who I had not met before. We discussed the fact that I was in difficulty and that I hopefully would be able to sort myself out soon, as I have a new offer of employment. I mentioned the letter and the bank charges and the fact that it was not going to help my situation.


She dismissed any discussion of whether these penalty charges were discretionary or whether they could be waived at present. I know that staff can refund the charges with discretion, a friend of mine works for a different bank.


Basically offered me no help understanding or support whatsoever and then said that I could write to customer care and apply for a refund. She told me that there was a lot of media, press etc. saying to get refunds and said that I would probably get it but I need to write to Cust. Care.


Anyway - they have had an opportunity to help me and I have been direct with them and open and honest and a good customer who does most of his banking over the internet.


I would not have incurred their Penalty Bank Charges if they had not fined me in the preceding two months in the same manner. So this issue has been compounded by their first Penalties.


Over the last 3 months they have charged me 2 x £140 Unpaid DD and one £30 Excess Overdraft Penalty. £310 so far and another 5 x £35 = £175 pending. It looks like I shall be asking for £485 to be returned at a point when I cannot afford it.


I have started drafting the letters.


What is the best advice about pending charges and being kept in a situation that will cause further Penalty Bank Charges to occur?


Best Regards,



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Hi Mostyn


Well, no surprises there really. the banks are cold and very rarely let compassion get in the way. they will always take out the debits before the credits, regardless whether they know if money will be in the account the same day.


However, you have now started the process so well done. You will finally get what is yours.


As far as the pending charges go, just add these to your claim. I did, even before they had hit my account so don't worry..


Here are a few links that you may find useful..


Good luck. See you at the other end……





Letter Templates



Interest Spreadsheet



Court N1 form



Court Bundle



Bank Contact Details


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I would make sure as little can go out of the account as possible, so unnecessary d/d's, which can wait a few weeks to reorganise should be cancelled and setup in either a account or a few weeks later. Removing the chance od bouncing d/d's also reduces chances of falling into the vicious circle. Which is the offending bank?

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Hi Mostyn.


Before you start, spend a couple of days reading the FAQs and the step by step guide. This will answer most of your questions.


Remember that this is a self help forum so you must be prepared to put in some effort yourself.


Start your own thread in the appropriate bank forum and post any questions and progress reports there. You will be able to draw on the experience of others who are dealing with the same bank.


Good luck.


Regards, Rooster.

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