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Since December, about 20 of my packages have not arrived to France.
I had to refund all customers because they waited more than a month for the packages. Some of them came, others did not.
When I asked about refund on parcel2go, I was told that I will not get the money, because I did not buy the option "next day delivery", but the packages were going to France, so it would not make sense anyway.
What can I do?
Some of the packages arrived after 1.5 months, so they said I was not entitled to a refund, beaceuse finally they did arrive. 
 Is this really legal?
What about lost packages? They said I can only get £25 for packages that were insured and the rest money is lost.
Is there any point in reporting this to small claims?


Thank you for answer

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You cannot expect to claim any compensation for parcels which did arrive – even though they were delayed. That sounds a bit French to me.

You can only recover compensation for parcels which were sent with them and which are lost.

You say that there were 20 parcels.

I think you need to give us more detail. I don't think we need a list of every parcel, but we do need to know how many parcels, whether the value was correctly declared, what was the declared value, when were they sent, and if you have you raised a complaint with.

Which courier actually undertook the delivery?

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Thank you for coming back to me. Most of the packets contained the same thing, liquid cake dyes. The value of the parcels was around £40 a piece. Some of them I declared to be worth £25, some of them to be worth the whole value.
I have a problem with parcels sent from 22/12/2020 to 16/01/2020, then I blocked shipping because most of the orders were going to France and I noticed that problems are starting.
After about 2-3 weeks I started to report problems, 
almost all cases were ‘resolved' I was informed that the packages had been found. Some of them were sent to me and some are still on their way to customers.
Unfortunately, apparently there are 6 packages on their way to me, but from what I can see I should not expect them, I established new cases for lost packages.
Is there any chance that I will get the full value of the packages? Or only as much as it is insured for?
The courier is hermes, but I sent the packages using parcel2go

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The insurance is irrelevant and if you have read around the Hermes stories on this sub- forum then you will understand what we have to say about the insurance system. If you understand this then it means you haven't read around. Please start reading.

You will only be able to claim for the declared value. If you undervalued some of your items then I'm afraid you will only be able to claim for the undervalued.

If there are six items which are missing then you could only possibly cope the six items.

You say that they are on their way to you – which suggests that in fact that because of Brexit, they weren't able to pass with a custom system and so therefore they were returned but they haven't arrived with you yet.

Is this correct?

I have to say that the effect of Brexit and the failure of items to be returned as a bit of an unknown quantity and it's not clear yet whether you would be able to bring an action for this.

I asked you if you could list out the items and the declared values – and you haven't done that.

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