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Hermes parcel lost booked through parcel2go

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I'm new to the forums so thank you in advanced for the advice. 


  • I sold a laptop for £500 on eBay.
  • I booked a service via parcel2go with myhermes. I entered the value for the parcel as £500. I didn't opt for the 'additional insurance' however I did pay £2 extra for signed delivery. 
  • Parcel was dropped at local parcel shop on 25th Jan. Confirmed lost on 18th Feb. I actually dropped off 2 parcels at the same time, the other parcel was marked at a much lower value and was delivered successfully which makes me think hermes employees are up to no good.
  • Refunded buyer via eBay / paypal.


I have seen letter of claim templates submitted in other threads of similar circumstances which I am happy to use. 


Parcel2go have offered me the standard £20 compensation (deadline 11th march to submit proof of postage etc) but was wondering if this should be ignored if hoping to get the full amount back?

It also seems I should be proceeding against p2g, as my contract is with them?

Thanks in advanced!



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You could proceed against either company but as P2G are in the UK, you may as well target them.

You need to begin a formal claim against P2G using their claim/complaint process so that you get something in writing which definitely declines liability. However you shouldn't wait too long for this and I would say a maximum of 10 days is more than adequate.

You should also make sure that you have a read around all the threads in this sub- forum so that you understand what the normal journey is from making a complaint, being declined, issuing a letter of claim – and then issuing proceedings – and then probably on to mediation.

Make sure you understand the steps.

Also, read up what we have written about taking a small claim in the County Court. It's not difficult but you need to know the steps in advance.


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Thank you for the advice. 


So p2g have come back to me and offered the £20 + return of postage cost. Is it at this point I choose to reject the offer and submit a complaint?



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Yes, if you don't want their money then this is the time to write to them rejecting the offer and threatening to start County Court proceedings and 14 days.

Don't imagine that your letter of claim will have any effect. It simply a formality and you will have to issue the court papers.

If you want to send a letter of claim then post up a draft so we can have a look. Keep it short and to the point.

Make sure that you understand the next step – which is issuing the claim

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