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John Lewis trying to blame me for TV fault **SETTLED**

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Have they actually commented on the video at all?

A face-to-face hearing will be a good thing with the video because it will be very useful to show it to the judge.

You will need to include the video and references to it in your court bundle when you make your disclosures to the other side before the hearing.

We should also warn the court that you will be showing a short video and you should make sure that you got a working laptop and that can show the video quickly without any issues. The worst thing that can happen is that you start fumbling and it doesn't work and then you haven't got the thing in the right folder or you can't remember where it is et cetera.
The court will very soon lose patience.

If you're going to show a video court, first of all you got to assure the judge that it is very short – which I think it is. Also it's got to be slick – and that means that you should have the video on your machine – not relying on YouTube. You should really have are on the desktop so that it is there is an icon and all you got to do is click on open and show it.

Should practice this so that it takes no time at all. If you can show on a tablet then it will probably even less disruptive to the court process – and of course no mistakes, it has to be charged up and ready to go

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In fact if you or somebody else and produce a slight section of the video in slow motion where the guy is actually opening the door and then sorting out the covering for the television and you see it rocking slightly. That would be excellent.

If you do that then you will have to produce that in your advance disclosure bundle as well so that the other side knows in advance everything that you are going to rely upon. You can't produce extra video after the disclosure.

So you might have the main video and then on a second icon click it up again and play the relevant part in slow motion and then repeat if necessary. Make sure you know how to repeat it with a single click. It's got to be slick and not disruptive to the hearing

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Hi I’m sorry to write we have received a bit of bad news at home which means all my fight needs to head elsewhere. I am so grateful to all your support, help and advice this last few months in my fight for justice against JL. They have now offered me near enough the full price of the TV not to take this any further and I think they have finally seen sense so I will proceed to accept their offer. 

It is only with your help that I have understood the Small Claims procedure more fully and I thank you for your guidance. I will make a payment this week to help with your ongoing admin

Thank you once again. I hope this thread also helps others. Best of luck in everything you do.

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Thanks for the update – and I'm sorry about the bad news that you have had at home. Obviously that takes priority.

I'm pleased we've been of help – and if you make a donation then of course we are very grateful.


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  • BankFodder changed the title to John Lewis trying to blame me for TV fault **SETTLED**

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