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SCS Carpet Issue - 4 week old carpet showing signs of wear and tear


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Carpet Pics.pdf


I am looking for some advice, i have attached pictures, is this normal wear and tear ?


The carpet was laid end of September 2020, the carpet is Vitani Supreme 945, not even sure what you call this issue.


any advice would be appreciated.





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I'm not sure that we can give advice as to what is wrong with the carpet and as to whether it is normal wear and tear but suddenly we can help you deal with it if it turns out to be b&m some kind of defect in the carpet.


Unfortunately that's going to be complicated for you and I think that you were going to have to get somebody to inspect the carpet and to give you their own independent opinion.

have you informed the seller about the problem yet? You probably ought to get them around to have a look at it. I suppose that they will probably be defensive about it but you never know. However, there is nothing lost by letting the seller know as quickly as possible




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Thanks for replying, i informed the seller in December 20, they initially sent me the email below.


""With reference to your valued order and our recent inspection of your images.

We have now investigated your concerns and can confirm that there are no manufacturing defects present and your carpet is reacting normally.


The change of appearance of your carpet is due to the way in which the pile has settled unevenly with use and can show in some areas more than others. This is caused by the heavy traffic concentrated onto a small area coupled with the twisting of feet as you turn.


All carpets have places where it is walked on more than others. This is a normal characteristic of any carpet and pile reversal and pile compression is not considered a manufacturing defect and is a natural occurrence in any carpet with some showing the effect more than others


In way of a more detailed explanation it is the sides of the tufts of your carpet that appear a lighter, more silvery shade than when the tufts are viewed end-on. As the pile settles, lighter and darker patches develop depending on the angle of the pile.


It is quite common for pile to settle in different directions to the normal pile lay as foot traffic bends the pile different ways and this will dull the appearance and will distort very slightly the appearance as you must appreciate.


The angle of the pile has no effect on the durability of the carpet and we are confident it will continue to give you many years of satisfactory service. This effect can be rejuvenated to a degree by regular use of a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush mechanism on the head


In conclusion, we would confirm there are no manufacturing defects present with your carpet and we hope our explanation will further clarify your understanding of the carpet’s characteristics.""


i objected to their explanation and they have agreed to send one of their surveyors when restrictions are lifted, my stance if they say there is no fault then surely the carpet does not posses reasonable durability based on the purchase price.



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my carpets new in 2010 all do that from from day one to this day.

run a dyson over it and you can change the colour hue any which way you like

time and wear have made no difference to them doing it at all.

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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So at £48 per sq m, did that include underlay and/or fitting.


1. In which rooms/hall, etc was this fitted.


2. Where abouts has the "damage" occured.


3. How did you pay for this ?  If you paid by credit card or with credit from SCS, this may affect the options you have if the carpet is faulty.


SCS's own assessor is unlikely to find in your favour. Similarly, if you seek intervention by the Furniture and Home Improvements Ombudsman, they tend to find in favour of the store (who funds them) rather than the customer.


Come back with answers to 1, 2 & 3 please.

We could do with some help from you

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Thanks !:-)

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I cant remember the square meter price, we paid just under £800 total,

the price included underlay and fitting.


1. The carpet is in the living room

2. The damage is in the areas with traffic, some areas are worse,

     there is an area of damage running parallel with the skirting for about 1 mtr, this area has no traffic.

3. The deposit was bank transfer and the balance credit card.




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Who installed the carpet?

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Okay – effectively then it was installed by SCS. I was just a bit concerned that if it was installed by you or by somebody you had employed to do it, that this would give SCS a hook upon which to deny liability on the basis that the problem was caused by an installation issue rather than a product issue.


So I suggest:



Dear Sir/Mdm

Thank you for your email of X X X date and your evaluation of the photographs which I have sent you regarding the defective carpet which you supplied and installed  on X X X date.

I disagree with your assessment of the situation and that the defects are caused simply by the normal usage of the carpet. In particular, there is an affected area running parallel to the skirting board for about a metre and which receives no traffic at all.

If you want to say that this kind of deformation in the appearance of the carpet is normal for the type of carpet which you have supplied to us then I think that we have to say that clearly there is some intrinsic problem with the design or manufacture of the carpet and which means that it is not fit for its purpose within the meaning of the Consumer Rights Act 2015

If on the other hand you want to say that this is a good quality carpet, properly designed and properly manufactured – then it is clear that there is a defect in this particular carpet which you have supplied to us and its condition is unsatisfactory within the meaning of the 2015 Act.

As we have had this carpet for a good deal less than six months, I am asserting my right to reject it under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and offering you a single opportunity to repair the damage or else to refund me my money.

If you would like to arrange an inspection of the carpet then please do so. Unfortunately I'm fairly confident that you are going to continue to insist that the defects in the carpet are simply a normal characteristic of this type of carpet and so I suppose I should warn you that if you do take this position then you will eventually be leading us into litigation.

Please let me know your arrangements for your own independent inspection as soon as possible.


Finally, if you decide to stand by your position that the carpet which you supplied me and installed is not defective, then I shall be obliged to obtain my own inspection and I'm putting you on notice that there is likely to be a fee for this and if eventually it is established that you have supplied me with a defective product or one which is not fit for its purpose, then I shall be looking to you for reimbursement of this fee in addition to my refund. 



Check this letter and see if you agree with the contents, if they are correct – and if you understand what the letter means.

The most important thing here is that you are asserting your statutory right and that was of your position.

Additionally now I think you're going to need to make your own arrangements to get an independent inspector to look at your carpet and to prepare their own report.  Don't put your report in hand yet – until you hear from SCS but you should at least start making enquiries to find out who would be able to carry out an inspection and the cost.

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Thanks for your help, much appreciated.


Yes, i understand, i am rejecting the carpet using my statutory rights and putting the ball back to them to either remedy the issue or prove otherwise.


I have already made enquiries regarding an independent survey, i will wait for their reply.



Should i give them a 2 weeks to reply ?



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No. They don't need two weeks.
I think you should be entitled to expect a reply by next Friday so that's five days.

If they don't reply then I think that we should be thinking about issuing a letter of claim. If they apply with a date for inspection within the next week then you will have to accept that. If they reply but without giving a firm date for an inspection or if the date is too far away – more than 10 days – then I think you should consider a letter of claim.

Anyway, let's know what happens and we can work it out as we go along

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Incidentally, don't state a deadline for action in the letter. I think that this adds to tension and it's not necessary. You simply allow them five days – but don't refer to that timescale

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i got a call from them today, they want to do a survey on Saturday 30-01-21 on zoom as they cant physically attend due to current restrictions.

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Okay. I take that as a positive move – although I shall still be extremely surprised if they back down over their initial position.

I suppose they are asking you to move around the room with your phone camera so that they can see the various bits. Make sure that you emphasise all the areas which don't receive traffic, of course.

Please keep us updated

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Just had the zoom call, the surveyor stated it looked like a manufacturing issue (a backing problem maybe), he said he would submit his report to head office and get us sorted asap, i will let you know when i received the official report.

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Very good. Thanks for the update.

I assume that you did record the zoom conversation?

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Well I expect that it will be all right – but I'm afraid that long experience teaches us that anything can happen until you have got it solidly recorded.

You haven't had very much activity on this forum but you have been here since 2014 and so you should be well aware that our advice all the time is to record your calls. You can see it in the news ticker at the top of this forum.

I'm not sure what else we can do without beating our heads against the wall to help people to help themselves by reminding them all the time that they should protect themselves by recording everything. So, Big Fail!.

As I said, it will probably be all right – but if suddenly SCS or the manufacturer decides they want to get defensive about it, you might find yourself in the same position as you were before the zoom meeting.

Record everything. You'll regret it if you don't – sooner or later you will regret it.

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i just received the following email, thanks for your help.


Good Afternoon,


As discussed earlier on the telephone, we have been advised to replace your faulty carpet.

We can either replace with the same carpet, or if you wish, you may reselect to a different carpet.


If you can please advise how you wish to proceed.


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at least that confirms. You now have to make your choice but also if you wanted you could ask for a refund and go somewhere else. It's up to you.

it might be an idea to stay with them because they now realise that you are prepared to make trouble if things go wrong.


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